It was Fast Pass Day yesterday!

Wow! My last blog post was in June but it seems like it was just yesterday! Where did the time go? Granted…. I’ve been busy…. family health issues… golf…. reserving clients vacation packages at Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise…. and Disneyland….. and golf.

Did I mention golf?

I do have to admit to needing inspiration to write…. it does not come naturally at all. I do have friends that are writers and they always seem to be able to spit out a couple thousand words on a whim. Not me…. nope…… I need inspiration.

Yesterday was an important day in my Disney life.

Yep….. it was my fast pass day. My first day to make my fast passes….. 60 days out….. for our October trip. Squeeze that in with working on a couple of Disney travel clients trips and I had a very busy day.

Why is your first fast pass day important? It isn’t unless you just have to have your favorite attraction fast passed!

My favorite attraction is at Animal Kingdom….. the Flight of Passage…… in Pandora!

Na’vi people riding atop flying mountain banshees through a range of floating mountains of Pandora
Disney File Photo


I was lucky enough to secure four fast passes on four different days for Flight of Passage. But I was also disappointed to not get one for the other three. How did I get FOUR fast passes?

I logged onto my Disney Experience app on my tablet yesterday morning while enjoying my coffee before church. I knew my window opened at 7:00am eastern time and I took advantage of it!

At 7:01am I tried to get my first fast pass for Flight of Passage and it wasn’t available!

What the heck!?!?! So I kept trying…. each day of our trip….. day by day and things started falling into place.

I only booked our fast passes for Flight of Passage….. no others. Why?  Because I have a love/hate relationship with the system.

Click here ( to start your fast pass experience.

We are traveling to Walt Disney World to celebrate my wife’s birthday and enjoy the entertainment at the Food and Wine festival and I hate having to be on the run for fast passes and dining reservations. We’ve only made one dining reservation so far….. Mama Melrose’s on Patti’s birthday….. at her request.

mama Melrose4
Mama Melrose Ristorante Italiano – There’s good Italian food at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


mama melrose1
You can sit and watch the action until your table is ready.


There are so many places to eat at Walt Disney World, I don’t feel pressured to make a lot of reservations. We are not “foodie’s” by any stretch of the imagination. Patti could be…. but not me. I can eat a burger…. some pizza…. a hot dog and be happy.

I’m on vacation….. I don’t want to run all over Walt Disney World trying to keep reservations!

During our last trip we had two other couples with us and we had to coordinate all our schedules. We loved being with good friends but this time it is only Patti and I traveling once again and we plan to keep it simple.

I know we will be seeing friends while we are there because we’ve been blessed with making Disney friends from all over the world and enjoy bumping into them while there.

Remember these photo’s from our last trip?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will be back to share our pre-trip report with you all but I thought my fast pass tips might be useful to you.

Up and Up Travel Business Card
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