Walt Disney World has changed the rules.

As a Travel agent who works exclusively with Disney travel I’ve seen and heard it all. 

Myself and another travel agent manage a Facebook group entitled “We’re going to Disney World” and I also manage my own Facebook group called “Walt Disney World for Adults”. 

We often have members ask for advice even after they booked their own trip via the Walt Disney World website or used another travel agent. While we are willing to help all, we also limit our help in those cases.

Often times they ask about cheaper stays at off site hotels, either because of a large family group or just because they have heard someone else say it is cheaper. We all like saving money.

While in some cases, it may save a little money, it can actually cost more money to stay off site and also cost you more in loss of enjoyment. 

While staying in a Disney Resort, you are immersed in the Disney Magic from the time you leave home until you board your flight to return home.

Walt Disney World resorts are available for all budgets and style of travel….. from deluxe resorts with all the bells and whistles to value minded resorts for families who say they only need a room to sleep in.

Walt Disney World changed all the rules in the blink of an eye. It used to be popular to stay near the parks in an off site hotel to save a little money but Disney changed all the rules with the introduction of Pandora, The World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom. 

This addition was so tastefully done, that people have been waiting hours just to walk into this land. And I must say….. it is a great experience!  My wife and I were able to preview Pandora twice during our May trip and we were blown away by this experience. 

The two attractions, The Na’vi River Journey and the Flight of Passage are both incredible and are must see attractions! But here’s the problem. While the Na’vi River Journey standby line isn’t too bad……. if you consider wait times of up to 200 minutes, not bad. The wait time for Flight of Passage has been listed as over 360 minutes several times since the official opening. 

You will probably never see wait times like these (15 minutes) again for this attraction!

Since our return home, I’ve been watching fast pass availability for Flight Flight of Passage and at the 30 day mark, there hasn’t been any fast passes available!  

The detail of everything in the Flight of Passage is beyond anything ever seen in a theme park.

The only way I  can see anyone getting the coveted fast pass for this sensational ride is to grab it exactly when your fast pass window opens at 60 days for Disney Resort guests. That is the key statement!  

Not only do you get availability of getting the coveted fast pass for Flight of Passage……. you also get to visit Pandora during extra magic hours which is only available to guests staying at a Disney Resort! 

The crowd will be lower in  Pandora during extra magic hours which should allow you an extra ride or two on Flight of Passage. Yes…… it’s that good! 

Contact me today to learn more about Disney travel and all of the advantages of using a travel agent that works exclusively with Disney travel!  You won’t be disappointed!  


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