Day 8….. Epcot and Tragical Express Day 

We allowed the sun to wake us this morning….. we needed rest. We dreaded this day. 

After our mornings coffee, some Pop’ems and some toast we were off and running. I think we have this leaving Disney thing down to a science. We each know what has to be done. 

I started my side while Patti was in the shower. I finished my blog on the day seven, published and shared. I packed my golf bag into the travel bag and made sure my clubs would be safe for travel.

I cleaned out my suitcase and loaded the laundry bag of dirty, sweaty, stinky clothes. I put all the clean clothes in Patti’s suitcase and made it ready for travel.

My turn in the shower felt good….. and we were ready to leave in record time. Magical Express……. aka: Tragical Express was picking us up at noon so we had a couple of hours to walk to Epcot this morning after checking our three bags in with the airlines desk. 

Patti dropped our backpacks off with bell service while I attended to the checked bags and we were soon walking through the International Gateway into Epcot. 

We walked towards Spaceship Earth and stopped for some photos. 

We had to smooch at Epcot on our last day! ❤

We loved wearing our new Pandora shirts that we purchased during our preview.

We walked through the Butterfly Garden and had this magically enhanced photo taken before entering. 

We decided to find the Disney Vacation Club Member lounge and see what it was all about. We wanted to do it earlier in our stay but we were too busy making sure our friends were having a good time. 

The lounge offers free hot and cold beverages along with snacks. We had a Diet Coke and some baked Lay’s potato chips and had a great conversation with some other members. We were enjoying it so much, that I forgot to take pictures.

We were enjoying our time in the DVC lounge we almost lost track of time. Patti noticed we had 30 minutes until our pickup at the Boardwalk Villas so we had to say quick goodbyes to our new friends and scoot across the park and out the International Gateway. We made it back to the Boardwalk with 10 minutes to spare. 

Our travel to the airport, through security and flight were uneventful. We landed in Buffalo, New York about 20 minutes early and had to sit on the tarmac while they found a gate for us to unload into. 

All of our bags made it to Buffalo which made us happy and we were driving back to our home in Rochester in no time. We threw a couple of frozen pizzas into the oven for a quick dinner and Patti watered plants while I hauled luggage from the car.

Even our pizzas our hidden Mickeys! It was not planned…. it just happened! 

Then we relaxed and watched the last two episodes of The Voice which we missed while at Walt Disney World. We actually did not know who won until last night before going to sleep in our own bed! 

As always……. look for one more post about our trip. I will be back with my final thoughts.


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