Day 7…… Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios 

We slept in until around 7:45am this morning. As usual, I was positioned in my usual morning spot with my tablet on my lap, enjoying coffee and a couple of Pop’ems as I tried to gather my thoughts about the day before and put them into words.

Our dear friends, Sig and Lisa were checking out this morning and we wanted to say our goodbyes before we walked to Epcot to meet up with Ross and Bonnie. 

They gave us “ALL” of their left over beer and wine coolers…… ONE measly  Coor’s Lite…… and ONE Seagrams Wine Cooler called,”Jamaican Me Happy”. 

Lol! We love you guys but couldn’t you drink a little less and leave us more?

After the hugs and kisses, we got ready and headed to Epcot. We love our walk to the park through the International Gateway. It didn’t take long to get our first photo of the day on the bridge between the U.K and France. 

I love our smooth photos!

It was there on that bridge where we found Tinker Bell! Or….. did Tink find us?

We walked to Spaceship Earth to meet Bonnie and Ross. We didn’t have any fast passes for anything in Epcot so we just kind of looked at wait times and reacted. The wait times for Spaceship Earth was 40 minutes but we knew it would drop later in the day.

We were able to do Ellen’s Universe of Energy before taking the boat to Morocco. We walked to the American Adventure but decided lunch was in order first. We ate at the Liberty Inn and the food was pretty good.

We finished and walked into the American Adventure and found our spot for the Voices of Liberty show. They didn’t disappoint as all eleven singers have outstanding voices that blend so well with harmonies that pleases the ears.

We always enjoy the show in the American Adventure of how our country was founded and we love the fact that it is educational as well as entertaining. I think this is a “must do” show for any American especially with children. 

We walked to Italy and Germany so the ladies could do a little shopping. Thank god it was mostly window shopping. Ross and I stayed outside while the ladies were in Germany. We were contented to stand in the sun watching the train run through the mountain side. 

The sky turned dark and suddenly we were caught in a Florida downpour. Ross and I ducked under a tree and didn’t get too wet. In fact, it felt good. 

After the rain the ladies came out with little bags of trinkets and we headed towards the UK to see our friends in the British Revolution perform!  They hadn’t realized it even had rained until we told them. We stopped in Italy long enough to watch a juggler. 

We arrived at the UK about ten minutes early and we’re able to get a bench up front. The guys came out to thunderous applause and really rocked the UK. It was the first time we’ve seen our friend Eric Winger perform with them. 

I knew he had a great voice (he’s a singer in the vocal group “Voice Play”) but I never realized he played lead guitar as good as he did! Great job Eric…… bring a guitar with you when you travel with us on our motorcoach. 

We grabbed a quick photo with boys after the show!

After saying goodbye to our friends in the UK, we walked to Spaceship Earth. The wait time was listed as 20 minutes. We enjoyed our history lesson and then walked to the Electric Umbrella and got some ice water and sat for a few minutes. We were just about done with Epcot and we planned to walk out through the International Gateway. But this time it was different. We rode the boat to the Boardwalk Villas. 

The girls wanted to shop at the Screen Door. Bonnie was looking for something in particular. We were soon on another boat to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We had fast passes for Star Tours and Fantasmic. 

Our flight on Star Tours was great! We even had parts of it that was new too us. Bonnie and Ross seemed to enjoy it! 

We stopped at the Backlot Express for some nourishment before walking to Fantasmic. It was a great show!

The walk out of Disney’s Hollywood Studios was intense but manageable. We walked Bonnie and Ross to where they could find their bus and Patti and I enjoyed our brisk walk back to our Boardwalk! This was our first walk along the canal of this trip.

We were soon in our villa enjoying those left over adult beverages from Sig and Lisa as I put the finishing touches on the day 6 blog.

As far as finishing touches go…… today’s blog for day seven is officially done.

We now have to checkout before 11:00am.


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