Day 6. Three parks and a dinner show in one day.

When I write a blog post it takes anywhere from an hour and a half to as much as three hours to produce it from beginning to end. I love doing it but  I’m getting tired. 

Day 6 started with Sig, Lisa, Patti and I going to Animal Kingdom for our second preview of Pandora. As you already know, we loved it! Our preview times were from 9:00am to 11:00am and then we park hopped to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to meet up with Ross and Bonnie Cottone. We had fast passes for Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular and Toy Story Mania. 

But first it was time for lunch at Pizza Rizzo. We had eaten there before and thought it was pretty good….. and it was once again. After lunch we ran into Jason Allison and two of his lovely daughters, Kenley and Kadie. It was so good seeing them and the two girls know how to hug and old guy!

Kadie has been my girl ever since our first meeting back about five years ago. She calls me her Goofy because she loves my Goofy impersonation. She gave me a gift which almost made me cry.

My gift from future Disney Channel Star, Miss Kadie Allison!
I ❤ my Kadie girl!

(Jason Allison is pictured above with Joe Rohde, the genius behind Pandora!)

They walked with us as we headed to the Indiana Jones show and we said our goodbyes just before we went in. After they left us, Jason went to Animal Kingdom where he met Joe Rohde near Pandora and had his picture taken with him.

We walked up to the Tower of Terror but the wait times were too long. We went across the street to the ice cream stand and had sundaes. They were pretty good in that 95 degree heat.

We walked towards Toy Story Mania for our next Fast Pass but stopped in to see One Mans Dream. I could stay in there for hours reading everything about Walt Disney. We only stayed about 30 minutes before leaving for our Fast Pass. It was fun and Patti kicked my bottom in our game. Bonnie and Ross seemed to enjoy that game.

It was time to leave Disney’s Hollywood Studios for our dining reservation at The Hoop-de-Doo Revue at Fort Wilderness. After a short bus ride and a boat ride we arrived. 

Ross was showing his washboard skills during our show.

Our dinner was excellent and the entertainment was great. One thing they did was to ask all active military and veterans to stand and be recognized.  I was proud to stand tall but humbled by the applause. 

After the dinner show was over we said goodbye to Sig and Lisa and headed to the Magic Kingdom with Bonnie and Ross to watch Happily Ever After. 
We had watched the live stream last week when it debuted and wasn’t impressed but held my opinion until we saw it live. We enjoyed the show almost as much as we enjoyed Wishes.

After the show was over, we walked to the People mover and relaxed while the crowd fought their way to the buses. After our ride, we walked out of the park, to our bus and were back to our Villa in no time.

We drifted off to sleep as soon as we hit the bed. We were completely spent!


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