Pandora, The World of Avatar preview! 

Two words will sum up our feelings about Disney’s new edition to theme park fun…….. BEYOND SPECTACULAR!

When Disney announced to the world that they had partnered with James Cameron to produce a section of Animal Kingdom I was most excited! I was in awe of the movie with all the new special effects that technology allowed at that time.
I said that when Joe Rohde, and James Cameron put their heads together…… they would produce a land like we’ve never seen before….. and they didn’t disappoint. 

Just look at Joe’s accomplishments…… the creative genius behind the Adventure’s Club, Animal Kingdom and Aulani Resort in Hawaii.

And the movie Avatar was beyond belief but wonderfully entertaining while speaking the same theme that is behind the creation of Animal Kingdom…….. conservation. 

As we entered Pandora we walked into the movie. We had to have a photo. 

Sig, Lisa, Patti and I were lucky to do two previews during this trip. One for being an Annual Pass Holder and one for being a Disney Vacation Club Member.
Everything around you makes you feel like you are in the movie.

After walking around enjoying everything there was to see with the flora and fauna we decided to enter the Na’vi River Journey.  It is a boat ride that takes you deep into a bioluminescent rainforest in search of the Na’vi Shaman of Songs. 

Our heads were spinning one way, then the other trying to see all of the beautiful views. The animation is totally the best I’ve ever seen. We actually road this twice during the first preview we attended and once during our second. My favorite part is to look up when you see the giant leaf move. 

As we left the rainforest we knew it was time for our meeting with a banshee at Avatar Flight of Passage. All four of us were visibly nervous because we were going to be riding something that we had no idea what it would be like.

As you walk through the queue and start doing the Disney zigzag, there are beautiful sights all around. The detail of everything helps build the story line all the way from the bottom of the mountain. 

When you reach the top of the mountain, you enter the laboratory where science research is happening for conservation of species on Pandora. As you walk and marvel at everything you are treated to a look at an Avatar.

As you stand there looking, the Avatar moves slowly suspended. Every now and then he will twitch very similar to human movement. 

It is after this when you enter a chamber that matches your DNA with an avatar to create a link for your flight on the back of a banshee. 

It’s time to leave the chamber and ride the banshee! 

As I positioned myself upon my banshee and grab the hand grips the anticipation was almost too much to bear! Then the seat back rises up to lock you in. 

The room goes dark and all of these little strobe lights start blinding you in the darkness until they stop and you are now treated to your first view of Pandora from the top of the mountain. It is breathtakingly beautiful. I squeezed my knees together and could feel my banshee breathing. 

And then………….. we dove off of the mountain in full flight. You fly through the rainforest and over the coastline with beautiful views all around you! There are some dangers in your flight but your banshee guides you through them perfectly. 

This is by far the best theme park attraction I’ve ever seen and everyone that I spoke to after was left with the same feeling of pleasant shock….. surprise and satisfaction! 

I think the best way to describe this whole banshee flight experience for our experienced Disney friends is to combine the effects of Soarin and Star Tours into one attraction…….. and multiply it by 100! 

Do not be afraid to ride this as it is an awesome experience that did not give any of us any problems with motion sickness. 

Even the little ones will enjoy it if they are at least 44 inches tall!

My dear friend, Jason Allison was walking around Animal Kingdom yesterday and was lucky enough to run into Joe Rohde and get a picture. 

In closing…….. I will leave you with this…….. Walt Disney World has added the absolute BEST attraction of any theme park in the world! 

Thank you Joe Rohde……… thank you James Cameron for creating this magnificent attraction. 


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