Day five! The Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Animal Kingdom. 

The title is not a mistake or typo. It wasn’t the famed autocorrect correction either. You read it right. We started with the Magic Kingdom today. Then we went to Epcot….. followed by a preview of Pandora, The World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom. 

With this entry…….. I’m only going to speak about our time at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Pandora was so fantastic it deserves it’s own space.

We all met at the Magic Kingdom this morning and started our day with a photo in front of the train station at the entrance. 

Once inside Sig and Lisa went one way and the rest of us went the other. 

The first thing we did was our fast pass for Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin which I can proudly say I dominated and crushed Zorg! 

Went to learn about how our society has progressed throughout the past century in the Carousel of Progress.  

While walking to the people mover we were confronted by a robot. 

He came over to me and looked at my Mickey Ears and said, “Oh…… nice satellite dishes on your head. How many channels do you receive?” 

I said, “Just one.” The robot asked, “which one.” I Answered…… “the Disney Channel.” He said, “Oh….. the right one” and then left.

We road the people mover next and then walked to Adventureland and rode the Jungle Cruise.  It was fun showing it to Bonnie and Ross. Next up….. we stopped for Dole Whips. Yummy!

We headed towards Pirates of the Caribbean and got there in time for Captain Jacks Tutorial. We laughed at the interaction between Captain Jack and the kids. 

It was time for lunch so we decided to eat at Pecos Bills. I dislike the food there but Patti, Bonnie and Ross wanted it so I survived it for them.

We walked to the Country Bear Jamboree and enjoyed the show. I thought of my Bear Tracks brothers, especially Joe Barrett who we lost last summer. As far as I’m concerned, this is a tribute to him. Most of you won’t realize what I mean by that but that’s okay. 

We wanted to see the Hall of Presidents but it is closed for refurbishment while they make it ready for President Trump to be added. I hope Disney does not cave into the liberal view that President Trump should not have a speaking roll in the Hall. 

Instead we had to settle for the Muppets and their show about how America was born. It was very educational as well as entertaining! 

We walked out to the Castle and got in front just in time to enjoy the Main Street Philharmonic Orchestra.  It was a great show.

Then this happened……. 

Then it was time for the castle show with Mickey and the gang. 

We were waiting for the Festival of Fantasy Parade when Bonnie and Ross decided to skip it and go back to their resort. Ross wasn’t feeling well. We said our goodbyes and hung around for a few minutes. We finally thought we would hop the monorail over to Epcot and walk through to our resort.

We stopped for an ice cream and then walked to Canada. Alberta Bound were getting ready to perform so we took a seat and enjoyed their show. 

We walked out of the International Gateway and to our Boardwalk Villas. We thought we might change our shirts before going to Animal Kingdom to our preview of Pandora. 

We traded messages with Sig and Lisa and decided we should just get on a bus and get there.

When we arrived…… there was a long line to get into Pandora but it was well worth the wait. I’m not going to go into detail right now because I think Pandora needs its own blog post which I’ll do after we preview it again tomorrow. I will say this….. it is by far…….. THE BEST THING DISNEY HAS EVER…… YES EVER……. done in any of the theme parks. It is spectacular….. just spectacular! 

When rode the Na’vi River Journey first not knowing what to expect. It is a beautiful ride that makes you feel as if you are in the movie. Then we rode the Avatar Flight of Passage. We bought some shirts from the shop at the end of the ride and after, we had dinner at the Satu’li Canteen. 

We rode the Na’vi River Journey one more time but then it was time to leave. Our preview was over.

We rode the nighttime Kilimanjaro Safaris and saw lots of animals and they were really active. Then it was time to head back to our resort. We are both tired tonight.


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