Day Four… Animal Kingdom and Rivers of Light 

We were awake before the alarm went off this morning. I know….. I said we don’t set an alarm clock when on vacation but this trip is different. We are coordinating with two other couples on this trip so we are really trying to arrive at the parks about the same time. 

This morning we were headed to Animal Kingdom. We had a fast pass for Kilimanjaro Safaris at 9:30am and we didn’t want to be late. We got there in plenty of time and met Bonnie and Ross just inside of the gate. All six of us walked to the Safari.

The Safari was great with lots of animals on their feet and moving around and we enjoyed it. 

While everyone else saw animals….. all I saw was the back of Sig’s head.

We walked the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail to spend time with our favorite species, the Lowland Gorillas. I could watch them for hours.


Patti, Bonnie, Ross and I headed back to Harambe to use our fast passes for the Festival of the Lion King while Sig and Lisa went to conquer the Yeti on Everest. But Bonnie and Ross decided to skip the show and left to return to their resort. I think they were really tired.

The show was great, as usual. I love the four singers that lead the show. 

As Patti and I were leaving the show, Sig messaged me saying they were in standing in front of the Flametree BBQ and we told him we’d be right there. 

Lunch was good as usual. Patti enjoyed her turkey sandwich while I devoured the grilled half chicken dinner.

It was getting hot and muggy so we decided to return to the Boardwalk Villas and have another pool party. The pool was crowded but we managed just fine. We left the pool at about 5:00pm and changed out of our swimsuits and decided walked down to the Boardwalk and enjoyed a footlong hotdogs for dinner before we returned for our Fast Pass for the Rivers of Light show. 

While it was visually beautiful…… I was most disappointed in the show. We were supposed to see it last April but Disney pushed the opening back until they felt the bugs had been worked out. They should have just forgot about it, in my opinion.

So this leads me to tell you of my greatest fear at Disney. I’ve been excitedly   looking forward to seeing Pandora, the World of Avatar and tonight is the night we will see it for the first time with the DVC preview. Will it be great like I want it to be? Or will it be a disappointment like the Rivers of Light was for me? I promise to write my true feelings in my next blog.


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