Merry Christmas Trip, Days 9 and 10

We woke up at around 7:00 in the morning and got right to the packing. Once all bags were packed Patti jumped in the shower while I started hauling. One big rolling cooler with a box on top of light stuff was first.

I stopped by the ice machine first and filled three big zip lock bags and put them on top of the leftover beer, soda and water. I loaded it in the Ford Escape so Patti could easily reach it in case we needed an extra drink while driving. I put two bottles of water in both door drink holders so she wouldn’t.

Back to the room for two rolling suitcases. Then back again for my turn in the shower. We were finally ready to checkout and we made the last walk to the car with a small rolling suitcase loaded with clothes for the road and our backpacks. We drove over to El Central, checked out and we’re headed north by 9:30.

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The traffic was fairly light and we made a stop about 300 miles for lunch and fuel. We had lunch at the same Chic Filet we ate at on the way down. Then back on the road to Fayetteville, NC. where we made reservations at the Days Inn. It was a great place to stop. Easy off….. and easy back on the next morning.

I wanted to drive further but it was New Years Eve and didn’t want to risk it because of other people drinking and driving. We filled the car with gas and walked to a Burger King next door and had a burger and back to the room to rest.

We were up at 6:00am and back on the road by 7:30am with very little traffic. I set my cruise for 75 and drove better than 100 miles without touching it. Traffic got a little heavier but we really didn’t experience any congestion until after going through Richmond, VA.

From Richmond to Washington was a little busy but still not as bad as it would be on a work day. And it was a beautiful ride and part of our country we hadn’t seen before.

I’m not sure what this building is but it near Washington along I-95



One thing I thought was strange. We didn’t see one police officer on our drive north until we reached Pennsylvania. Then they were all over the place starting just before Williamsport.

We were on route 15, a four lane and the speed limit was 50. I was tucked in behind another NY car who had just passed me and the traffic was traveling 65 to 70 and we came over a hill. A Pennsylvania Trooper was sitting in a turn around and I slowed down but the other car didn’t and he immediately got pulled over.

Five miles down the road two other Troopers both had cars pulled over. We didn’t see another until we entered New York State and there were two County Sherriffs with cars pulled over within five miles of the border. I’m sure they were only stopping people to wish them Happy New Year.

The final one hundred miles were easy to drive and we pulled into our driveway just as it was getting dark. We emptied the car and put stuff away as the oven heated up to bake a pizza and some wings.

We relaxed, watching some TV until we needed to sleep. Our own bed felt like heaven as my best friend cuddled up. I thanked our God in silent prayer as we drifted off to sleep.

We were truly blessed with great weather….. safe travels….. and another excellent Walt Disney World vacation. This trip was all that we hoped it would be.

I’ll be back in a couple of days with my final thoughts.

Thanks for reading along.


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