Merry Christmas Trip, day 7

Today, December 29th, we planned on going to Animal Kingdom but we were really tired so we didn’t set an alarm once again. But we were up and getting ready….. out the door by about 9:30 and headed for the bus stop.

The bus service has been good for Animal Kingdom and today was no exception. We arrived at the park and quickly went through bag check and the Passholder entrance in no time.

We walked directly to the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail to see the Silver Back Gorillas along with thousands of other people. I’ve never seen the trail so crowded. Once we got there we were able to see all four of the male gorillas as they went through their daily routine.

I stopped to talk with a Cast Member that has worked the trail for the past ten years and he told me a little of the history of the four males in the enclosure together. Two are brothers…. and the other two are also related….. Father and son. The father is the dominate male and all of the others stay out of his way. They have tried to show dominance in the past but have been put in their place rather quickly.

I did take a couple of pictures but not as many as I usually do so I’ve taken liberty to add some photos from a previous trip


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HOT TIP……  We also learned a little more from the Cast Member when I complained to him about the wifi connection while in the parks. He said that the wifi was designed by….. and for ATT Cellular customers and that once he switched to ATT from Verizon, he hadn’t had a problem.

The “My Disney Experience” app is also designed for I-Phones so if you have an I-Phone with ATT as your provider, you might not have the same issues as I do.

He also said the major reason for the delay of the Rivers of Light has been because of the wifi service. The Imagineers designed the Rivers of Light boats to use a positioning system using wifi and they have to update the towers to accommodate that. I’m not sure about that but it is what he said.

We walked towards one of our fast passes, Finding Nemo the Musical and enjoyed people watching along the way. We stopped at Flametree BBQ for lunch and we both had the Turkey Sandwich. It was my first time eating it and it was delicious. We also got to sit at our favorite table down by the water with a wonderful view of Expedition Everest.


After lunch, it was time for Nemo the Musical. If you haven’t seen it, make sure you do during your next trip!


We followed the herd out of the theater but we really took our time. Our next fast pass was for Dinosaur and it is a short walk from the Nemo show.


We had to wait about ten minutes before they let us in so why not take a selfie! This is the only park that we didn’t have a Photo Pass picture taken.

It’s almost as if he’s saying…… what are you looking at!?!?

As we walked towards our next fast pass, we got in line for “It’s Tough to be a Bug”, which said it had a 20 minute wait. We still had an hour until our Festival of the Lion King show. As it turned out….. we stood in line for about a half hour and decided we had better leave and not wait. So we exited the line through one of the back doors and walked to Africa to be sure we wouldn’t miss the show. We loved the Festival of the Lion King with all the great singers, dancers and of course….. the Tumble Monkeys!


We decided to head back to our resort a little early because tomorrow was going to be a long day at the Magic Kingdom with the New Years Eve celebration dress rehearsal. When we got back we found out Lillian, our Mousekeeper, had been busy.


Patti and I had a sandwich in our room and decided to walk down to the bar outside of the El Centro (the main building) and enjoy a margarita or two.

While there, we struck up a conversation with a really nice couple who have enjoyed coming to this resort twice a year….. once for their anniversary and every Christmas for the past ten years. They are from Philadelphia but rent a condo during the winter about ten miles away but still enjoy being at Walt Disney World and more specifically, the Coronado Springs Resort.

Patti and I are planning on being snow birds and have been researching property in gated communities near Disney. While talking to this couple, we decided to look into condos instead of single family homes. If we are only going to be there from December to May, there would be no need to have somebody mow the lawn and keep the place safe.

We have had the best weather while here this trip….. sunny and 80’s, but it is about to change.Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 50’s.

Right after ordering another margarita, the wind came up and it started to rain as the cold front came crashing our party. We were sitting on the opposite side from where the wind came and soon, everyone from that side moved to our side of the bar and the bar tender put down the protective panel to block the wind. We were all cozy as a bug in the rug and continued to enjoy each others company. There were lots of cute Disney stories told around the bar.

We finally went back to the room and watched a little TV before falling to sleep. We were both tired and relaxed after a couple of margaritas. It was easy falling asleep.

Tomorrow, December 30th, is going to be a long…. long day! We plan on being in the Magic Kingdom well into the night.

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