Merry Christmas Trip, Day 6

Today, December 28th, was just another beautiful Florida day with lots of sun and the temperature in the mid 80’s and we made the most of it. We woke up a little after 8:00am this morning and enjoyed another breakfast in our room.

We headed out to the Magic Kingdom this morning and just walked around enjoying life. We decided to do some of Walt Disney’s favorite attractions but we also had some fast passes for a couple of our favorites.

We rode the People Mover for a spin around Tomorrow Land and then walked down to the train station and road the train to Frontier Land. We rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad which we love.

We walked to the Country Bear Jamboree and enjoyed that show………

A band of musical hillbilly bears featuring 3 baby bears onstage at Country Bear Jamboree
Photo courtesy of Disney


and then somehow ended up back in Tomorrow Land so we decided to get lunch at Cosmic Rays which was crammed full of people. We should have waited an hour or so.

We could not find a table to sit at but we did find a stand up table down near Sonny Eclipse. The crowds in the park were getting bigger and bigger each day closer to New Years Eve.

After lunch we went to the Carousel of Progress. As we came out a Christmas show was just starting on the Tomorrow Land Stage and I recognized them right away. It was my Facebook friend, Eric Winger singing with VoicePlay, an a cappella group and we really enjoyed the show of these very talented singers. I am disappointed that we didn’t connect with Eric but he was busy and has a job to do.

I was enjoying their show so much I forgot to take pictures and Patti was doing a video so I borrowed this photo from their Facebook page. I hope they don’t mind. Eric is the second person from the right.


We also helped Buzz Lightyear save the planet from Zorg.

Photo bombed by Buzz himself!


Look at how intent Patti was. Yes…. she whooped me good!



We also went to see the Tiki Room. While it is not popular with most people it means a lot to us because it is another one of the attractions that Walt Disney designed from stat to finish.

Audio-Animatronics figure of a singing parrot named Pierre at Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room
Photo courtesy of Disney

Then we decided to take the bus back to the resort for some pool time. We haven’t ever been swimming during the month of December before but it was great!

The Mayan pyramid and spouting fountain at the Dig Site pool area, lit up at night
Photo courtesy of Disney


After our swim we returned after grabbing a bite to eat in the room and returned to the Magic Kingdom.

We used our other Fast Pass….. wait for it……. on Small World.


People eating dinner at Pinocchio Village Haus were holding up cute signs and we played right along!

We finished the night enjoying the park and said goodnight to Prince Eric’s castle



We were tired and by the time we returned to Coronado Springs we were ready for bed.

The next day we knew we would be back to Animal Kingdom.

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