Merry Christmas Trip, Day 5

Once again…. no alarm was set but we were wide awake at 7:00 with the bright beautiful Florida sun peaking through the curtains of our room.

We got out of bed, enjoyed our coffee and a couple of blueberry muffins purchased last night before getting ready to leave the room. We hopped a bus to Disney’s Hollywood Studios where we had fast passes for Star Tours, Hollywood Tower of Terror and Toy Story Mania.

Our Star Tours was first and we once again helped the rebel forces by getting the rebel spy to safety.


We walked over to see the Muppet Show in 3 D…. I know….. I am just a big kid when I’m at Walt Disney World, but I had to see it again.

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem remind me of the first rock band I played in back in the 60’s while in High School. It was called the Electric Trend and I think we were pretty good.

As we walked out after Watching the Muppet’s, we were directed past Pizza Rizzo and we thought we would grab a light lunch there and we were pretty impressed with it.

The pricing isn’t too bad for this counter service restaurant.
Just a little over $28.00 for this lunch for two.

After lunch we used our for fast pass for Toy Story Mania….. and Patti dominated me as usual!

Attraction cars at the start of Toy Story Mania! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World

We walked towards the Hollywood Tower of Terror and stopped for some photos.

Yep……… we like to smooch a lot!


We walked in to see the Beauty and the Beast stage show and once again were entertained by the cast.We actually sat in the farthest seats away from the performance but loved the view from there. Plus we had a nice cool breeze on our backs.

Belle reads to the Beast in a scene from Beauty and the Beast—Live on Stage at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Photo courtesy of Disney

After the show, we walked across the street and got an ice cream sundae at Hollywood Scoops and sat in the warm Florida sun and people watched as we waited for our fast pass time for the Tower of Terror.

Exterior of Hollywood Scoops Ice Cream at Disney's Hollywood Studios
I highly recommend the Hot Fudge Sundae from here. Photo courtesy of Disney.

It was now time to for our ride on the Tower of Terror.

We are sitting in the front row!

We have to thank our dear friends Sig and Lisa Berg for talking us into riding this for the first time during our last April trip. We are now hooked on it!

After the terror was over we decided to take a bus back to our resort to freshen up a little before dinner. We got back on a bus for Disney’s Hollywood Studios but didn’t go in the park.

Instead we walked over to the Boardwalk along the canal path for dinner at my favorite place to eat at Walt Disney World. It was also game night for the Syracuse Orange…. my favorite college basketball team and I hoped we would be able to watch part of it during our dinner.


After dinner and the game we walked to Epcot through the International Gateway and watched our friends, The British Revolution play another show.


We were finally getting tired out and decided to call it a night and return to Coronado Springs and relax in our room so we wouldn’t get too tired out.It sure felt good to get those shoes off and relax.

I hope you are enjoying my random thoughts and memories! I know we really enjoyed making them.

I’ll be posting Day Six in a day or two.

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