Merry Christmas Trip, Day Four with special guest appearence.

Today was a wonderful day at Walt Disney World full of renewing friendships with other Disney lovers as ourselves. We are always meeting new friends through my travel agent business, blog, Facebook page, Twitter, etc. but we love our face to face meetings while in the parks.

While we were eating our breakfast on Christmas morning at the Crystal Palace, we made two new Disney friends which I for got to mention in my last article.

I like meeting new Disney friends.  Joan Mitchell and I met at the Crystal Palace on Christmas morning….. and Patti photo bombed us!

We boarded the bus to Epcot and we were really excited.



We had fast passes for the new Soarin’ which we haven’t seen since the refurbishment had been completed. This is my favorite attraction at Epcot after Spaceship Earth so I was hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed….. and I wasn’t! Disney has done an incredible job with this.

We sat with another couple and they’ve been on it several times and told us just enough about it without giving away any details. I was so excited, I didn’t remember to trade contact information with them.

We received a text from our good friends Mia, Christina, and Jesse that they had arrived in the park before us and they were using their fast pass for Frozen Ever After in World Showcase and we were on the other side of Epcot. We also had fast passes for Spaceship Earth and Nemo and Friends before we walk towards World Showcase. We texted back and forth several times before actually getting together.

We finally caught up with each other and walked together to Via Napoli for a late lunch. Patti and I had reservations for 3:55pm so Mia made reservations for the same time. Once we got there we asked to sit together which they graciously did for us. We enjoyed dining with them and exchanged small Christmas gifts before heading our own way.

We ended up in Mouse Gears to look for a new golf visor but all they had for men is an ugly black and gray pinstripe one with the new mad looking Mickey on it, and I refuse to buy anything with that on it. We left there very disappointed.

Patti and I walked towards the UK to see the British Revolution show as Mia and family headed to the Magic Kingdom to finish their day. Patti and I enjoyed walking around the world…. watching the happy faces…… seeing the tired faces….. and just people being people.

While in the UK, I got a message from Jason Allison. Him and his family were in the park so we decided to get together. They were in Japan getting a bite to eat and he said his daughter Kadie didn’t know we were at Disney. I was so happy to surprise this little sweetie! Patti and I tried to sneak up on her but her Dad pointed us out and when she saw us, she came running and gave us hugs! It was one of my favorite moments of the trip!

We sat and talked with Jason for quite a while catching up for lost time. Jason and family made a life move not too long ago, moving from Georgia as he accepted a position working for Disney. He was telling me how happy their life had become since the move. I’m not sure but I think he was trying to recruit us for Disney.

It was finally time to go our separate ways and it was tough. We have become very close friends through the years with our mutual love of hunting, fishing, football and of course Disney.

We said our goodbyes and decided to walk towards the busses and head back to our resort. As we were walking Jason caught up with us and walked to the front of the park where he was going to meet one of his daughters before their trip home.

We once again said our goodbyes and boarded our bus. When we got back to our room our Mousekeeper, Lillian had left us a surprise.


We relaxed in our room for a few….. turned off the lights and went to sleep rather easily. Being at Disney…. walking eight to ten miles every day makes us sleep real well.

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