Merry Christmas Trip, Christmas Day!


Christmas morning found me waking up very early with my best friend snuggled up tightly. It was freezing in our room! We’ve never been able to figure out why Disney can’t provide thermostats in their rooms that work like the ones in peoples homes.

We had an alarm set for 5:00am so we could be in the Magic Kingdom early….. even hoped to be there at rope drop but it wasn’t meant to be.

We crawled out of the warm bed and got ready for our Christmas day together with Mickey, Minnie and the gang. We hurried to the bus stop and we’re there by 6:00 but so we’re 50 other people. We waited for our bus as our numbers grew….. and grew….. and grew. The bus arrival board said we had about ten  minutes wait as we watched the parade of buses come and go.


Three buses for Disney Springs stopped….. two for Blizzard Beach…… two for each Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Finally…… about a half hour later, along came one bus for the Magic Kingdom. One bus! We watched it fill up and pull out….. with a bunch of us watching it pull out. We finally got another bus to pick us up about twenty minutes later.


We arrived at the Magic Kingdom at around 7:30 and the lines at bag check were huge. Patti and I walked towards the Monorail side and there was nobody in line to have their bags checked. We passed through the metal detectors and Passholder Magic Band scanner in no time and we’re in the Magic Kingdom. As we turned the corner, viewing Cinderella’s Castle again I felt like that 10 year old kid again.

We walked up Main Street USA and all of our troubles were washed away.


We walked towards Seven Dwarfs Mine Train but there was a 55 minute wait. We just walked past and we’re amazed that people are willing to waste55 minutes in line for a ride that lasts a little more than an eye blink.

We decided to walk in Mickeys Philharmagic. It always seems to entertain us no matter how many times we’ve seen it. As we walked out, we were both hungry and decided a little breakfast was needed. We ended up in front of the Crystal Palace and on a whim, I walked over to the cast member at the podium and asked if they might have an opening for a walk in?  She checked and said they did in just about ten minutes.

We were soon being seated and after a short conversation with our waiter, we headed to the buffet line to fill our plates. Every thing tasted great and our waiter made sure we had plenty of coffee and orange juice. While we were eating we got visits from Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore.


With our tummy’s full we walked around the park enjoying the warm Florida sunshine. A holiday show was just starting on the Castle stage and we stopped to watch.

After we walked towards Frontier land past the Hall of Presidents and were just in time to see the new Muppet show. It is both educational and entertaining but I really wished they had incorporated the two old guys, Waldorf and Astoria into the show.


It was time for the Christmas day parade and we found a spot in Frontier Land just in time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We completed all our fast pass selections except one, Pirates of the Caribbean. It shut down temporarily. We rode Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and walked to many others before leaving the park at around 2:00 to return to the room for a short spell to get ready for our Christmas dinner. We were soon on a bus headed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

We arrived at Hollywood and Vine a few minutes early and were seated. Our waiter, Christopher was great. We attacked the buffet and enjoyed all the selections and we received hugs and photos with my pal Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy!



After our dinner we enjoyed the dessert bar before taking care of the bill. Then it was time for our meeting with the big guy…… Santa…… errr…. Santa Goofy that is! I’ve been accused of being a “living Goofy” which is something I can’t deny. It was an emotional meeting to say the least. I even shared my impersonation of Goofy with him and he loved it!


We were extremely full so we thought we better walk it off. Anyone that knows us, knows we walk two to three miles every evening and this is one of the reasons. We left the park and walked towards the Boardwalk via the paved walking trail….. through the Boardwalk to the International Gateway to Epcot.

We knew our friends, The British Revolution were playing a show so we went right to the UK to watch. The boys didn’t disappoint! It was a great show. We stopped to wish them a Merry Christmas and then walked towards the American Garden Theater and enjoyed the Candlelight Processional with Jodi Benson, the voice of the Little Mermaid, doing the reading.

We finished our Christmas day by walking through Epcot, taking one quick ride on Spaceship Earth and returning to our resort.

I can safely say that this was one of our best Christmas days in a long, long time. It was so good I think we will give it it’s own blog and continue with the two day trip reports later.

Thanks for reading…. Merry Christmas!




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