Happy Birthday Uncle Walt 

​When I think of great men that have influenced the lives of people through out the history of the world, Jesus of Nazereth of course heads the list. But the second person that comes to mind is Walter Elias Disney. 

Walt was born on this day, December 05, 1901 and he has brought joy to kids of all ages. It is hard to imagine how different my life would have been without him.

I grew up in the Mickey Mouse Club era. As a family we sat and watched the Wonderful World of Color. We were entertained and amazed by what was on our TV.

As a kid, I dreamed of going to Disneyland to see Mickey and the gang. But coming from a home that couldn’t afford the trip from the east coast, I would have to settle for the dream.

As I grew into an adult, my life was turned into responsibility instead of dreams. After high school graduation, came four years in the United States Air Force. You tend to accept responsibility while in the military. 

After my service, I went to work to support my family by working in a manufacturing plant and playing my drums in several different rock and country bands.

In 2000, my life took an unexpected turn and I ended up moving to Rochester, New York. It was where I crossed paths with this pretty blonde lady that captured my heart. I had no idea that my life was changed forever.

When Patti and I visited Florida in 2001 and stayed with friends, we made it a point to go the the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World and fell in love with it…. so much so that when we were married the following year,  we honeymooned there and enjoyed a Disney Cruise after our stay.

We are now Disney Vacation Club Members and have invested some $$ so we can visit often. When we walk down Main Street USA, I become the biggest ten year old kid you’ve ever seen. You couldn’t punch the smile off my face if you tried. And I have never seen Patti so happy and relaxed as she is there.

Please take a minute today to remember this great man and all of the great things he has done to make this world a better place. 

Thank you God for giving the world this great man.
Happy Birthday Walt.

I’d be happy to help you experience the Disney magic. Contact me today.

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