Christmas at Walt Disney World

Hello friends……. yes I’ve been absent for quite some time but life happens and I just haven’t been inspired to write lately. But you also have other things to do besides read my rambling thoughts….. right?

Every holiday season my wife and I get the blues. My family live hundreds of miles away and her family lives in New Mexico so we usually try to enjoy the  Christmas holiday together but we both are glad when it’s over. We really miss being with the kids and grand-kids….. so much so….. we really get the Christmas blues. Christmas day is usually a good breakfast together and then a trip to the movie theater to enjoy a movie.

A couple of months ago I started looking at cruises for us and while I have found two affordable Disney Cruises that would have us celebrating Christmas day at sea, the airfare seemed extremely high. One was out of Galveston, Texas and the other out of Port Canaveral.

We were leaning towards the Galveston cruise because it stops at Key West, one of our favorite places on earth. If Disney ever decides to spend a night docked in Key West…. we’d do that in a heart beat! The airfare was over $1,300 while we are usually paying around $400 round trip so we decided not to go.

Then while looking over Walt Disney World pricing on the evening before Thanksgiving day…. I got a little excited. I haven’t used my Travel Agent room discount for this year yet and I found out I could use it for a stay at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort for December 24th to the 31st making for an extremely affordable stay.We’ve never stayed there and it would be good research for my clients. Maybe I can write this trip off as a business expense?  Naw! I doubt it.

Our annual passes had expired in September so it meant purchasing new passes but we will get to use them for three trips during the year. We are already booked for seven night trips in May for the Flower and Garden Festival….. and in October for the Food and Wine Festival so we purchased our new Annual Passes. Then I find out they are good for 13 months instead of 12 if purchased before January 3rd. We won’t activate then until December 24, 2016 so they will be good until January 24, 2018.

We will actually be starting our Christmas day at the Magic Kingdom for our first rope drop in 15 years. I’ve got fast passes booked for the morning times before we hop over to Hollywood Studios. Yes…. we were able to get fast passes for Haunted Mansion, Pirates and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 28 days out.

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I’ve made a dining reservation for Christmas day at Hollywood and Vine for 4:40pm to have our Christmas feast with Mickey and the gang. It’s located in Disney’s Hollywood Studio.

We have decided to drive to Florida for the first time instead of paying the high airfare so we’ve also decided to start looking for property in the area to prepare us for retirement which is just around the corner. We both want to “winter” in Florida and work part time for Disney.

I’ve looked at the route and planned on driving about 13 hours the first day (December 23rd) and the final 5 hours on our arrival day (December 24th) to break it up a little. I’ve already secured a motel on the way down and made arrangements for our house sitter so we are ready….. and excited….. No blues this year!

The magic begins when you drive under this arch!


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