I’ve got the Disney Blues

Yep…… I’ve got the Disney blues…… sad…. but true!

My wife and I haven’t been to Walt Disney World since April…… that’s so long it seems like last year!

Patti and I sadly say goodbye to Walt Disney World last April.

……………..and our next reservation isn’t until May, 2017!

Mickey sadness
I know my Pal is missing me almost as much as I miss him!

How am I going to make it all this time without eating a Mickey Bar?!?!?!


I’m going to completely have a meltdown if we don’t visit Mickey soon!

Do you feel this way when you don’t have a trip planned? How do you overcome this?

This morning I was working on a client request for her trip in November, 2017…. just gathering quotes and as I began to work…. I also went looking for something that makes sense for my wife and I.

Our Annual Passes expire September 27th and we’d like to squeeze a short trip in before then but as we get closer, the airfare goes higher…. and the resort availability gets worse.

We can stay at Port Orleans French Quarter or even Saratoga Springs using our Annual Passholder discount. We love both resorts…… with POFQ being our all time second favorite Disney World resort after the Boardwalk Villas.

To compound our problem….. we have dear friends going to be there in  early October…. and some other dear friends that wanted us to go in late October. Neither dates would work for us.

Then one of my clients will be there in early September…. again… not possible for us.

So….. will we or won’t we…….. you will have to stay tuned to know the answer!

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Up and Up Travel Business Card
Contact me today and let me help make your trip to all Disney destinations special!

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