I think Jimmy Buffet says it best in his song, “I’m growing old, not up”.

First off……..  I know that my blog is all about adults and Disney, but please allow me this one…. just for this time of my life. After all, I’m growing old, not up!

This morning, as I was rudely awaken by my alarm clock, I was reminded of something very important. I felt my best friend cuddle a little closer as she whispered something in my ear. It was a reminder of everything I’ve been through, both good and bad. She said, “happy birthday honey”, and I pulled her a little closer and I didn’t want to let go. But I knew I had to or this would have been an X rated blog!

She hopped out of bed and I lingered a little thinking about past birthdays and what they had meant to me.

My favorite birthday up to this one was my 60th and celebrating it with Mickey and the gang at Walt Disney World. Everything about that trip was magical in every way!

On our last day, after checking out of our resort, we spent the final hours at the Magic Kingdom doing all of my favorite things. During or walk towards the park exit we decided to stop into the Emporium to buy a few little things for our neighbors kids that were keeping an eye on our house for us.

While shopping we heard the Main Street Philharmonic Orchestra starting to play out in front so we finished what we were doing and went out to enjoy the show. At the end they fell into parade formation to a drum beat and much to my surprise, started playing the Mickey Mouse Club March and headed towards the front of the park. image

Patti and I fell in right behind them and marched with them just like we were part of the band. You couldn’t have punched the smile from my face!

But in all truthfulness,  this birthday is my favorite! I’ve been blessed with 24,090 days on this earth so far and I  hope I’m not done. There are still a few things I’d like to do.

My son sent me a gift that he had made for me. He made me a leather wallet with an engraved whitetail buck on it. It’s the best present he’s ever given me besides my three beautiful grandchildren.

I’ve received so many birthday wishes from my friends around the world on Facebook, Twitter, email and messenger that I am truly humbled by them all. Thank you to each and every one of you!

My lover gave me a bottle of my favorite Scotch! She knows me better than anyone.
This morning, I went golfing and tried to shoot my age. I’ve never come close to a 66 before but you never know! And before anyone makes the comment……. yes…… I have shot a 66 on the front nine before but that doesn’t count!

I am looking forward to having a nice dinner with my best friend this evening and maybe even take a drink from my birthday she gave me.

Wow….. I’m one lucky guy!



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