Planning For Fewer Disney Trips

Yesterday my wife and I were saddened to receive some news that will affect our Walt Disney World trips in a negative way. It won’t stop our trips but it will change the pattern and timing of all of our future trips, but life goes on.

Mickey sadness

As most of you know we just returned from eight days in the parks and it was the best Walt Disney World vacation to date so it’s only fitting that it will be our last until our future looks less intimidating.

Before anyone panics, it is not a health crisis for either one of us.

It is something else that I’m not at liberty to talk about at this time. It is still playing out and I don’t want to speculate any more about it. I hope it is clearer by the end of next week. That would be a great birthday present for me on Thursday, May 19th.

mickey birthday cake

I’ve always been a fan of “change” in my life. But change can bring sadness at first until all the cards are on the table. Change also brings many opportunities.

My Mom always said, “when our Good Lord closes one door he will open another”.

If you are brave enough to try the other door, you might be better off…. and I’m hoping that it is in this case. Change has been very beneficial to me in so many positive ways so I do not fear it.

The timing of this change is not what we wish but it might lead us to something we’ve talked about ever since Patti and I found Walt Disney World and learned about how we like to visit each and every park.

Please stay tuned and I’ll be back with more details when we learn more…… but in the meantime, please let me know how I can help make your next Disney Travel special.

Up and Up Travel Business Card
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