Anniversary Trip, 2016 Day Seven

Once again we slept in until the sun woke us up. It was a little after 8:00am and we leisurely got going. We had our coffee while sitting on the balcony and then fixed ham, egg and cheese on toast for breakfast.  Then we jumped in the shower and got ready for the parks.

We decided to return to Animal Kingdom to do a couple of things we didn’t do. When we got to the bus stop the board said our bus would be there in 18 minutes and it actually arrived in 15. Patti and I were the only passengers. 

We arrived at Animal Kingdom and went through bag check and tapped our Magic Bands and we’re walking to Discovery Island in no time.

There were three things on our list for this morning.  Flights of Wonder,  It’s Tough to be a Bug and Dinosaur. The Flights of Wonder show was in about a half hour so we walked towards Asia and got Mickey Bars.


As we finished them,  we headed to see Flights of Wonder a day enjoyed the pre-show learning about owls.  They opened the gate and we found good seats about four rows back on the right side.

When the show started, we were pleasantly surprised to see our dear friend Karl Anthony Ockstadt playing the role of the tour guide. He played the part really well and it was good to see him. We first met Karl when he was part of the World Showcase Players.  He selected me to be King Arthur for one of the skits and it was one of my all-time favorite memories  Walt Disney World. 


We walked to It’s Tough to be a Bug and enjoyed it very much. There were a lot of first time guests watching the show,  many of them young cheerleaders,  so there was a lot of screaming and giggling going on.


As we walked out I looked at the “My Disney Experience app” and it said that Dinosaur had a 30 minute wait so we decided to see it on the next trip.

Before we walked out and got on a bus for Epcot we stopped for a quick photo pass picture.


After about a ten minute ride we were walking through the gate.

We walked directly to Mouse Gears to buy a specific coffee mug and low and behold,  it was there. It was a Mickey golfer coffee cup to replace my old Mickey mug.  We walked through Epcot and to Boardwalk Villas and decided had a late lunch on our balcony. 

After lunch we walked back to Epcot and to the U.K. to see the British Revolution perform once again.  They didn’t disappoint!  In fact, they really rocked that set. Good job Brad, Eric and Kevin!


It was time for the Garden Rocks Concert with Mr. Brian Howe and his show was excellent!  Brian is the former lead singer of Bad Company.  Our seats were about four rows back and just a little to the left of center stage.


We decided to walk over to the Land and ride Living with the Land. We really enjoyed this ride. We also walked over to the Sea and rode Nemo and the went to see Turtle Talk with Crush.  After that we walked back to watch Brian Howes last concert of the evening.

When we returned to the Boardwalk Villas,  we stopped at concierge and applied some Disney gift cards to our bill as we will be checking out tomorrow morning before we go to the Magic Kingdom. 

Our flight doesn’t depart Orlando until 9:35pm so we will have all day at Magic Kingdom.  We will have to be back to Boardwalk Villas for our 6:45pm Magical Express pickup.

My next trip report will be published on Monday morning after we return to Rochester.

Contact me today and let me help make your trip to all Disney destinations special!

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