Anniversary Trip, Day Six

No alarm clock set again this morning.  Just me and my sweetie waking up and cuddling together. 

Last night I posted a poll on our Facebook page,” We’re going to Disney World” and asked what park we should visit in the morning.  I gave the four choices, Magic Kingdom,  Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot. We waited until morning to see what the outcome would be and we were surprised!

Someone,  I think I know who, added relax at our resort and it won’t by a huge majority so that’s what we did. We had a leisurely breakfast in our villa and then after showers,  we put on our bathing suits and went to the quiet pool for a swim, hot tub, and more Florida sun. It felt really good.

We had lunch in our villa and then headed to Epcot for the rest of the day. We entered through the International Gateway and headed over to the U.K. to see Sig, Lisa, Shannon, Eric and Myles Berg on their last full day at Walt Disney World. After talking with them for a few minutes we said our goodbyes. Then we waited for the British Revolution show that was starting shortly. It was another great show guys!

We walked over to the Land but then decided to head back to the American Garden Theater to get ready for the first concert by Brian Howe. He is an excellent singer with great stage presence. You might remember him as the original lead singer of the group, Bad Company. We enjoyed every minute of the show and all the musical memories that came with it.

It started to rain right at the end of the show and Patti and I found cover by the American pavilion. It didn’t last long so we decided to walk back to the Boardwalk

As we were approaching the International Gateway it started to rain again so we ducked under the covered area for the Friendship Boat and decided to take the boat back to the Boardwalk. It had almost quit raining as we walked to the ESPN Club.

We were seated right away and had our order taken. A pitcher of BudLite, buffalo wings and Philly Cheesesteak’s were extremely good and our server was very efficient. She offered desert, but we were stuffed even though we only ate half of the Cheesesteak’s and carried the other half back to our villa. Our walk back was easy even though the Boardwalk was crowded tonight.

Once we got into our villa we decided to walk to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for evening extra magic hours. Once inside the park we walked to Star Tours and enjoyed another ride.

Then we went to the Star Wars Launch Bay and watched the movie and spent some time looking at all the props. The Star Wars Fireworks display started while we were inside but we elected to skip them. We have already seen them four times this trip.

As the fireworks concluded, thousands of people headed towards the exits. Patti and I bought a Mickey Bar and sat and people watched as we enjoyed the chocolate covered ice cream bar.


When the bulk of the people had left, we took decided to walk back to our villa and call it a day. But there was this photo pass photographer just standing there doing nothing so we had her take our picture.

We are about to go to bed so we can be refreshed and ready to go in the morning. Tomorrow is another Epcot day!

Goodnight friends. Today has been fun!


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