Anniversary Trip, Day Five

There was no alarm clock set for us for this morning……. just a laid back, no plan…. kind of day to start.

We awoke a little after 8:00am and enjoyed eating breakfast out on our balcony. It was an absolutely beautiful morning here at Walt Disney World.

I wanted to swim for a little while but Patti decided she wanted to return to Disney’s Hollywood Studios this morning to walk around and see some things we missed yesterday. I looked at what fast passes were available. I did get one for us for Beauty and the Beast and the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, two shows we haven’t seen in about three trips.

We really enjoye the walk from the Boardwalk Villas to DHS and this mornings walk along the canal was just great.

When we arrived,  the bag check lines were very short and we made it through the gate in no time. We walked towards the Tower of Terror but it didn’t seem right to ride it without Sig and Lisa so we didn’t. 

But we did get into the Beauty and the Beast stage show and had great seats, center stage, about twelve rows from the stage.


The show was as good as I remembered and very entertaining! The guy playing Gaston was excellent and this guy has huge biceps!

We walked down Sunset Boulevard and arrived at the Great Movie Ride area just as the Star Wars Stage Show started so we watched a little. But we were headed to the ABC Commissary for lunch so we didn’t stay long.

Lunch was great! Patti ordered the Asian Salad and I had the grilled chicken club sandwich.

After lunch it was time for the Indiana Jones show. We ended up sitting stage center, about eight rows up, right behind the control center. We really enjoyed the show.

As we walked out, we headed to the park entrance, stopping just long enough for a photo pass picture.


We enjoyed another walk along the canal. If you are on my friends list on Facebook, you now know why we walked all those Disney miles at the mall all winter.

When we got to the Villa, we enjoyed an adult beverage as we changed and got ready for our first EVER trip off property.

When we walked to the main entrance, we ordered a car using my Uber app. Our driver replied that she would pick us up in five minutes and she was right on time. Our ride was quick, safe and comfortable all the way to Universals City Walk. We’ve always wanted to eat at Margaritaville.

Our driver dropped us off and explained how to get to Margaritaville a day was off. It was a short walk and easy to find.

We made our way into the store section and proceeded to shop. We bought some shirts and a new sign for our patio at home.

We made our way to the restaurant section and we’re given a great table to the side of the stage where a young entertainer was playing guitar and singing his heart out! It was very enjoyable.

We started with a couple of “Whose to Blame”, margaritas and ordered our food. We split and order of Buffalo style chicken wings and we each ordered a Cheeseburger in Paradise. This food was so good. We even had a couple more margaritas!

After our dinner we walked around City Walk checking things out and then decided to head back to the Boardwalk. I ordered our ride from Uber and our driver was parked right near us. He picked us up and we were on our way and back at the Boardwalk Villas in no time.

We sat on our balcony enjoying an adult beverage and watched the Star Wars Fireworks once again.

We are now almost ready for bed….. see you tomorrow. We have no idea what we are doing tomorrow. After all….. we are on vacation!


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