Anniversary Trip, 2016, Day Four

No alarm clock was set for today but my sweetie and I woke up a  little after 8:00am and great the sunny day with a smile. Today was our 14th Anniversary. 

We decided on breakfast in our villa.  We fixed ham, egg and cheese on toast and it was so good. After showers and getting dressed, we walked to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to spend the day. We had a lot of plans for today.

Our walk was fantastic as we enjoyed the sites all around us. I love this walk more than any other walks we do while at Walt Disney World.

Bag check was simple and quick and we were soon headed to our fast pass for Toy Story Mania. But first, a quick photo pass picture.


Our ride on Toy Story Mania was so much fun and we scored pretty well. I had over 147,000 and Patti had over 138,000.

When we walked out we decided to walk through One Mans Dream which we both enjoy. They were showing scenes from Disney’s new movie that premiered on April 15th, The Jungle Book. We loved it! It has great special effects, great music, and comedy. To be honest, before seeing this preview, we were not interested in seeing this movie but I bet we do see it soon.

We stopped by the stage in front of the Chinese Theater to watch the new show, Star Wars : A Galaxy Far, Far Away. It was really interesting.



We also had fast passes for Star Tours in a few minutes so we headed in that direction making a detour into a Star Wars movie full of clips of all of the movies so far and away small preview of the new movie coming this December.

It was time for our Star Tours and we were lucky enough to ride a new version of the ride with all new scenes. It was the best ride yet.

We went to the Great Movie Ride and thoroughly enjoyed it even though we’ve been in it a million times.

As we came out of the Great Movie Ride we ran into the Berg family headed to the Playhouse Disney show so we joined them. Patti and I really enjoy watching all the little’s enjoying the show and singing along. It is a cute show.

It was now time for our anniversary dinner at Mama Melrose’s. The Berg family were joining us for dinner with the Fantasmic package. The food was great and the company was superb! Thank you for the wonderful dinner Sig and Lisa!

As we left, we decided to see the Muppets and it was a great show as usual!

Then we decided it was time for a new experience. Actually, Sig and Lisa talked us into riding the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror! I still can’t believe we did it.

As we walked out I told Sig I hated him a day he laughed. He thought I was kidding! And I was but don’t tell him.

We had just enough time to get a Hot Fudge Sundae from Hollywood Scoops, right across from the Tower of Terror. It was really good. Then it was time for Fantasmic!

As we walked in we were directed to the VIP section and the Berg family was shocked to be sitting in such good seats! They didn’t know I had some Disney friends at DHS that arranged it in honor of our anniversary. It was Eric, Shannon and Myles first time seeing this and Sig and Lisa had only viewed it from the side area so we all had a treat!

After the show we walked down Sunset Boulevard together and said our goodbyes as they were not staying for the Star Wars Fireworks display. Hugs and kisses all around and we said we would try to get together again before they had to leave.

Patti and I enjoyed the fireworks and walked back to our villa and enjoyed some adult beverages as I wrote this. We are tired and ready for bed, but satisfied with everything we did today and especially being with great friends!

Tomorrow is another first for us. We are staying at the Boardwalk and relaxing by the pool and then we are going to Universals City Walk and eating at Margaritaville!

Shhhhhh…… don’t tell Mickey.

Contact me today and let me help make your trip to all Disney destinations special!

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