Anniversary Trip, 2016 Day Two

Our villa is very quiet and peaceful, which is good.  We needed our rest.

We woke up a little after 8:00am rested and ready to jump on a bus to the Magic Kingdom after enjoying breakfast on our patio overlooking the pond, tennis courts and the walkway to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


It’s nice to sit on our balcony enjoying our cheerios,  coffee and my favorite little vacation treat,  my Pop’ems….. those little bite sized donut holes!

Our villa location is perfect for us. We are a short walk from the bus stop and we didn’t have to wait long before we were headed to the Magic Kingdom.

Our bus ride was quick….. only about fifteen minutes from Boardwalk Villas to the Magic Kingdom. There were quite a few people at bag check but Disney got us through and into the park in no time.

We knew the Main Street Philharmonic Orchestra was scheduled to play at 11:40am in front of the Emporium but instead started their show up by the hub. We really enjoyed the show.

Patti and I got on the people mover and enjoyed the ride. We walked around Tomorrowland people watching and then back to the hub to wait and see who showed up for our “Mickey Bar Monday meet-up.”

While waiting, we decided to have our picture taken in front of the castle.

Then the Move it Shake it Dance Party came rolling up Main Street.


Just before the dance party started, I saw familiar faces in the crowd walking towards us. It was Sig Berg and Lisa Milligan-Berg with some others in tow. Patti and I had met Sig and Lisa last year at Epcot and we found out we have a lot in common. We became fast friends and we were happy when our travel plans matched up so well this trip.

We found our Mickey Bar cart and everyone got to enjoy the sweet, chocolaty goodness together, capturing it with photo pass pictures taken in front of the castle.


image image

Shannon and Myles enjoy their first EVER Mickey Bar!

Sig couldn't wait to take a bite out of his!

Lisa was caught in the act!

I think Erik liked his first EVER Mickey Bar!

The Berg family had fast passes and we had plans so with some more hugs and kisses, we sadly said our goodbyes until Wednesday when we meet again for an early dinner at Mama Melrose’s.

Patti and I stopped by the Christmas store in Frontier Land and purchased our 2016 Christmas ornament and had it delivered to our resort. It is so nice to be able to shop and have Disney deliver it to your resort and not have to carry bags through the park.

Patti and I done some more shopping after a few rides.

I finally got my first mouse ears.

It was time for our first Fast Pass of the day…… Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!


Have I ever told you how much I hate having planned, structured vacations? We had scheduled two other fast passes but our next one wasn’t until Wishes so Patti and I decided to leave and return to our resort for some adult beverages. And while sitting on the balcony we decided to cancel the fast passes and just walk over to Epcot to finish the night.

As we entered Epcot through the International Gateway we heard the familiar music of the British Revolution and made our way over to enjoy the show! It was as good as ever as Brad Shapiro was back on guitar and keyboards. It was three out of the original four. We became friends with the guys when a dear friend, Jenny introduced us to them.

After the show we walked over to the Sea and enjoyed riding Nemo and watching the little’s talking with Crush. But we decided to leave Epcot before Illuminations started.

We walked back to the Boardwalk and bought a pepperoni pizza at the pizza window and returned to our balcony to eat and enjoy a few cold beers while watching the Star Wars Fireworks from our balcony. It was the perfect end to another perfect Disney day.

For day three, we are headed to Animal Kingdom.

Contact me today and let me help make your trip to all Disney destinations special!

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