Anniversary Trip, 2016, Day One. Travel and more.

Our first day of our Disney trips are usually very busy. This first day was no exception.

Our drive to Buffalo was pretty uneventful as was the check in for our flight. We boarded on time, got great seats and arrived in Orlando about fifteen minutes early.  We walked directly to Magical Express and as we checked in, the CM said, “welcome Mr and Mrs Henry.  We’ve been waiting for you.” Magical Express had held the bus for us and right after we boarded, the driver closed the door and we were headed to our Disney home, Boardwalk Villas.

We had two stops before we were there but when we got off, a CM by the name of Gustav met us and took us into check in. Our room was ready and all our requests were granted. As we walked to our room I also received a text from the Garden Grocer saying our grocery order was waiting at bell service. Once in the room,  I called and asked if bell service would deliver. They did and after groceries were put away, we headed out the door for Epcot.




The total time it took us from touchdown at the airport until we were walking through the International Gateway at Epcot was just under one hour and fifteen minutes. As we walked into Epcot, we saw a Photo Pass Photographer standing on the bridge between the U.K. and France.  We had to get our photo taken there.

When we were done we heard the familiar music of the British Revolution performing in  the U.K. we made our way there and enjoyed their show once again.  After, I was surprised to see a Photo Pass Photographer waiting to take our pictures with the boys in the band.

As we left the U.K. we headed towards the Land and ended up for our first Fast Pass of the trip. It was the Disney Pixar Shorts Film Festival and it was incredibly funny, especially the last one titled For the Birds. I loved it!


We headed back towards the American Garden Theater and enjoyed the music of Blood, Sweat and Tears with Bob Bice. It was the best show we’ve seen while at Disney. It was so good that we decided to get a quick bite to eat and return for the second show.

After the second show we walked to Test Track and used our fast pass.  We designed a great car that scored 204. The top car of the day was only 211 so we were pretty close.


We walked through Mouse Gears and looked at a few things and then rode Spaceship Earth.  It was a walk on. We were starting to get tired and decided to skip Illuminations and instead walked back to our villa to relax with an adult beverage on our balcony. 

I’m sure we will get a good night sleep and be ready for our meet up with friends at the Magic Kingdom for Mickey Bar Monday! 

I hope you are following along as tomorrow is our Magic Kingdom day and our “meet up” with members of our group from our page, “We’re going to Disney World”. I’m sure it will be fun.


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