Our Countdown is getting serious!

As I sat here this morning thinking about our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World, it hit me! This countdown is getting serious! It is at 16 days right now. Yep…… 16 days from today we will be at Walt Disney World and staying at our favorite vacation club resort….. the fabulous Boardwalk Villas!

It’s just a short walk to two parks…. Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot. We usually spend a lot of time at Epcot during this time of year. Why… you ask? It’s the International Flower and Garden Festival time. We love the sights, the sounds and the smells of Epcot during this time of year!

In 16 more days until we get to be entertained by some excellent musical groups at Epcot. We get to see old friends from the British Revolution in the UK.

Misc. 057

And at the American Garden Theater we will enjoy Blood, Sweat and Tears, featuring Bo Bice on our first day, and the music of Bad Company, former lead singer Brian Howe.

All of our dining reservations have been made….. fast passes secured for the important stuff, although there are two days with nothing planned at all. Our Magic Bands have arrived….. our Magical Express voucher has arrived…. and Southwest Airlines has sent me several emails saying they are ready for us! Our house sitter has been alerted and they are ready to enjoy our home while we are traveling……. 16 more days!

So….. what is left to do besides patiently watching the calendar and clock? PACK!  Oh my…. we haven’t even begun to pack for our trip yet. Why you ask?

Well….. we were hoping to add on a seven night Disney Cruise to the end of our Walt Disney World stay but I don’t think it is going to happen. I haven’t booked it for us yet. I’m still waiting on something to happen before we could add on the cruise.


When I planned this trip I set it up for a Sunday arrival and a Sunday departure. We usually fly on Wednesdays or Thursdays because it is cheaper but because of the cruise we wanted to go on departs Port Canaveral on Sunday, April 24th, we decided to do Sunday to Sunday.

Another change to our travel pattern is we are flying out of Buffalo instead of our home town airport of Rochester because of the flight schedules. Buffalo has a better schedule and we booked it even though we have to drive fifty miles instead of six miles for our home airport.

While Southwest has a non stop flight down to Orlando from Rochester that departs at a good time, their return non stop flight schedule is horrible.There is only one non stop flight from Orlando to Rochester and it leaves Orlando at 8:00am.

The problem with an early departure is your Magical Express pickup from your resort to the airport would be three hours before…. or in this case, at 5:00am. Although I don’t mind any early wake up to go to Walt Disney World, I hate an early morning departure from there.

If you have been reading my blog since last summer, you know I wrote a daily trip report and included a few pictures. I plan on doing this once again so make sure you are following my blog from April 17th to the 24th at least and I might entertain you a little.

Some of our plans at Walt Disney World include meeting some friends. I have been blessed with making friends from all over the world while traveling to Walt Disney World. And during this trip we are meeting some new friends too.

I am one of the admins for a Facebook page entitled, “We’re Going to Disney World” and one of my favorite things to do is host Mickey Bar Mondays on the page. I started doing it a few years ago and it’s a chance to post some pictures of you and your family enjoying the wonderful treat, the Mickey Bar! And during this trip, I am hosting the first ever “We’re Going to Disney World Mickey Bar Monday Meetup”!

Mickey Bar Monday Meetup

If you plan on being at Walt Disney World on April 18th, please join us. We are meeting in front of the Partners statue in the hub area of Cinderellas Castle at the Magic Kingdom at 1:00pm.

We also have a dinner reserved with some good friends at Mama Melrose’s at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

mama Melrose4
Mama Melrose’s….. one of our favorite places to eat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

mama melrose1

We’ve reserved the Fantasmic Dinner Package which guarantees us VIP seats for the Fantasmic Show that evening.


We are also extremely excited to be at Walt Disney World for Earth Day on April 22nd. We plan on being at Animal Kingdom that day for the premier of Disney’s new River of Light show.

The new Rivers of Light show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom will transform this park into an all day experience beginning on April 22, 2016. It will become a “must do” for all.

Disney is also rolling out an evening version of the Kilimanjaro Safari for evening viewing which I am extremely excite for. It is also expected to open on April 22, 2016.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So know you all know why we are so excited for this trip….. this countdown…. in just 16 days!!!!!

Are you going to follow along by reading my daily trip reports? I hope so.

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