Price Increases at Walt Disney World

During this past week a lot of people are seeing the announcements made by Disney concerning price increases at Walt Disney World. Nobody wants them but they are inevitable.

angry Cason
My grandson, Cason says……. “what do you mean you are raising prices”?

The first shocker was the introduction of tiered pricing. It means if you go at the more popular times you can expect to pay more. Yes….. Christmas to New Years will cost you more. So is the Fourth of July and other major holidays.

But you are already paying higher food and drink prices already and I haven’t heard anyone complaining. In fact, you are rushing to spend extra $$ on Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party after already paying for park tickets.

Tiered pricing was introduced for SINGLE day tickets only, at this time. How many of you are buying a single day ticket?

The increase for a four day adult base ticket was a total of $20.00 and Ten day tickets increased by $35.00.

Then came an announcement that Disney Dining Plan prices were increased without notice! How dare they! I heard potential clients say that with tiered ticket pricing AND an increase in Dining plan pricing, they might not be able to go to Walt Disney World!

Disney raised the cost of the Quick Service Dining Plan less than $1.50 per adult per day. They raised the price of the Disney Dining Plan, one table service, one counter service meal less than $2.00 per adult, per day.

There is also a rumor of Disney wanting to start charging resort fees.

True or not? I’m not sure, but rest assured some people are already complaining and saying they can’t afford to go to Walt Disney World any more if they do. I say….. (as I shake my head) …… are you kidding me? This is coming from the same traveler who will spend an extra $49.00 per person to sit in a special section and eat deserts while watching fireworks?  No desert is worth that and you are still lining up with money in hand.

As far as I’m concerned, if Disney does start charging resort fee’s it undermines several things they’ve put in place to keep you at their resorts….. their restaurants….. and completely on site spending you money there.

Trust me on this one…… Disney does not want you eating off site and using a rental car! That is why they give you free Magical Express bus service between the Orlando International Airport and your resort.

If they charge the $15.00 per day, per adult as rumored, it would be smarter to rent a car and eat off site to save the extra dollars. Off site dining is cheaper and there is a pretty good selection of restaurants. You might even drive that rental car to Universal and leave a good chunk of your budgeted vacation money with them instead of with Mickey!

It was said another reason they wanted to charge you a resort fee is because of Magic Bands! I don’t believe for a second that is the case. The Magic Band is a huge money maker for them already! Even the free ones they give you, over and over, and over.With the Magic Bands in place, Disney can track your spending over the course of your trip and begin offering you things based on your preferences that you are showing to them every day you are at Walt Disney World!

My wife and I have been at Walt Disney World at least six times since they introduced the Magic Band. We are DVC members as well as Annual Pass holders. We have at lease ten free magic bands each and we have two more coming for our April trip…. all at no charge! We love seeing them come in the mail!


And be honest….. how many of you have gone out and spent your hard earned money so you can have a Magic Band with Disney characters on them? $29.95 spent on them means you can not get six Mickey Bars! Are you kidding me?!?!  You are willing to pay $$ for decorated Magic Bands and you are worried about a little price increase?

Expensive parking at Walt Disney World!  Disney keeps raising the price on parking!

Now they want to charge an extra $15.00, added to the parking fee of $20.00 to park close to the parks so you don’t have to walk so far or ride the trams. I bet the preferred parking will sell out every day even at $35.00 per day. It’s probably going to be gobbled up by the same people that buy the $29.95 custom Magic Bands and spend $49.00 for the dessert parties!

Contact me today and let me show you how to plan for a wonderful Walt Disney World vacation without paying for all the extra stuff. You will still have a great, affordable and magical vacation.

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