Travel Agent Challenges and Rewards

Every now and then I have somebody ask about becoming a travel agent. After all, we are all out in front of the Disney loving public and we are seen as “experts” in the eyes of them. Being a travel agent and specializing Disney travel is a lot of work. It’s a work of love but still….. a LOT of work.

Every day I get a request from someone to give advice or recommend something specific about traveling to a Disney destination. Sometimes it leads into booking a trip for that person…. sometimes it doesn’t. A travel agent is one of the most abused people in the world.

And maybe it is because people do not realize….. If you are booking through me, or one of the other travel agents with Up and Up Travel, you will never pay extra!

But there are some agents that actually charge planning fees of $150 or more. Why?

They get tired of being used!

Let me give you a case in point. There was one woman who had contacted me and was asking all kinds of questions about best time to go, things to do, cost of staying in this resort and that resort and at different travel times of the year.

The travel party would be her, her boyfriend and three children, her Ex with whom she had a great relationship with. One of the girls, the eldest was her daughter with her Ex, two children were her boyfriends, and one child was hers and her boyfriends. It was just a blended family.

She asked me for six different quotes on six different resorts in several different travel months. She told me how excited she was to be taking her family to Walt Disney World and thanked me up and down for helping her make it possible.

I spent at many, many hours of my time just communicating with her over the next week and a half. Not to mention my quoting time on Disney Travel Agents website, often times in the evening hours because she lived in a western state two times zones behind me.

She would mostly private message me in the evening hours when she needed an answer and I readily answered all of her questions even though I knew what was happening. It took away from my family time.

I finally asked if she was ready to book her trip and she said she had to talk to her boyfriend over the weekend and would be in contact with me on Monday to make their reservation. Once again…. she told me how much she appreciated me helping her.

Monday came and went without any contact from her.

Tuesday morning when I got out of bed, I read a text message she had sent at midnight her time that said, “my boyfriend surprised me by booking our trip in May at Port Orleans French Quarter! I had no idea he would be doing this. I am so excited! Thank you for your help. Sorry.” It was a resort I mentioned to her as the best moderate resort and she wasn’t interested in it before talking to me.

I guess she thought I was pretty dumb and didn’t know what was going on. She had been milking me for information and booked it herself. How do I know that? She posted on another Facebook Group she didn’t know I was part of that she just got done booking it. She told everyone how excited she was!

I replied to her text…… “Have a nice trip.”

I wish her no ill but I do really believe in Karma, don’t you?

Here’s where it gets better. She posted, once again to this other group that a serious family matter came up and she had to cancel her trip in May.  Karma?

Maybe. Maybe she is just an attention seeker who never booked her trip.

If you are planning to take your family to Walt Disney World or any Disney destination, please use a travel agent that specializes in Disney travel.

What you get is valuable knowledge from somebody that loves what they do. As a travel agent, I go to all the Disney locations and experience all the good… and the bad that might come along for your trip.

I know when the best time to go is, and when to avoid the trip.

I know how the tickets work and their limitations.

I know the best counter service and table service restaurants and which will appeal to my clients after asking some simple questions.

I know which resort would be the best for your family after a few more questions.

Let me give you an example. I had a young lady contact me through Facebook over a year ago asking about a trip to Walt Disney World. After a little conversation through private messaging she said she was going to have to wait to go. It was a little more than she had expected. We became Facebook friends and she liked my travel page and has liked many of my posts on it.

Last weekend she messaged me and said she was ready to book for this year. Her requested dates of travel were either November 23rd to 27th or December 22nd to 26th and wanted to know which were the best dates crowd wise….. and cost wise. This trip was the Christmas present for her, her husband and her two kids, two daughters age 13 and 4 with another baby on the way for this summer. I asked if she had a resort in mind and she said yes….. Art of Animation in a Little Mermaid room. She thought her daughters would love it.

As I began pricing it was apparent that the dates of travel were not that much difference in price for them. Actually the crowd might be a little lighter for her November dates but not much.It was going to be crowded.

I always like to give my client choices. Remember…. they are in charge and I’m only helping them. Not only did I quote her Art of Animation Little Mermaid Room, I also quoted something her daughters would love as a comparison.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I quoted Port Orleans Riverside, Royal Room with a Garden View. It was only about $350 more. But I also knew it was extra money they didn’t have to spend. I also sent a couple of pictures of the room for her to see.

I was quite surprised by her next text message! She said, “We want the Port Orleans Riverside Royal Room.”  She is going to love the look on her girls faces when they first walk into that room.

One of my clients from Australia had the same room with her two daughters and she raved about how the girls felt like princesses staying there.

Now if she booked her own vacation, would she have even looked at those choices? Would she have made her reservations during that time of year?  Would she know the cost difference or would she just book whatever and try to be happy after the fact?

I am happy that she allowed me to work on her behalf. I love doing what I do, not for the money….. Disney commissions are not very good. But I do it because every time I help plan a trip, I know the client is going to have the most magical trip possible!

I also know I take little mini-trips in my mind as I help them and sitting here in western New York, in the middle of winter, a mini-trip is a great thing to have!


If you are thinking about a Disney Vacation, do yourself a favor….. use a travel agent that specializes in Disney travel. Contact me….. I promise you will have the very best vacation experience.

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