Celebrate today! It’s the best one you’ve got!

Yesterday morning was Valentines Day….. a day to show your love for the special people your life. My wife and I woke up and celebrated the day together. We have this funny thing of sharing our love every day but on valentines day we do a little more for each other. And seeing it was falling on a Sunday this year, we turned it into a weekend affair.

On Saturday I cooked a fabulous T-bone steak dinner which we enjoyed with our favorite bottle of wine. My wife spent the afternoon baking my favorite pie for desert….. a beautifully done cherry pie served with vanilla ice cream.

Our first celebration of Valentines Day in 2016 was perfect in every way!


We enjoyed a simple breakfast before church on Sunday and our day was going to be spent visiting her mom at the nursing home where she has lived for about a year and a half now.

After church, I was busy clearing our driveway of the newly fallen snow that was more nuisance than anything but I wanted to clean it up. I didn’t hear my cell phone ring twice…. nor did I know I had three private Facebook messages and two text messages until I completed my tasks and began to warm up.

When I did notice all of the attempts to contact me, I was worried about what had happened and I was right…….. it wasn’t good news. I returned the messages and waited for more information.

I returned the call to my son who lives near my old home town about one hundred and fifty miles away and he told me some news that would send me into tears. One of my family members had passed away in her sleep. Not an old person but someone that was absolutely full of life. Someone that helped make our whole family complete.

It was my nephews wife, Denya…. but she was so much more to me than that. She was our family’s “rock”.  If there was one person in the family that everyone knew they could count on in any situation, it was Denya. She was there for every wedding, birth, anniversary celebration, birthday celebration, funeral, and she was by the bedside of both my mom…. and my dad, when they passed.

She leaves behind a big family full of love with too many to mention personally but the loss will be the hardest for her loving husband, and two beautiful daughters pictured below.


She had dedicated her life to being a nurse. She loved her time working as an Emergency Room nurse until her own illness would no longer allow her to work every day.

She loved being part of a family….. to raising her own family and to sharing both the good times and bad. She had a comforting hug that will never be forgotten.

There have been many tributes posted this morning but this video was posted by a dear family friend that knew Denya’s heart. Please enjoy this as much as I did.

The next several days will be extremely hard for us as we say goodbye to this wonderful angel but the reason for this blog entry is just this.

In my 65 years here on earth I’ve been taught one simple lesson which I hope will help every person reading this entry.

Celebrate every day as if it is your last!

If you love somebody…. make sure they know it. Tell them every day.

Do not put off doing something that you really want to do.

Do not wait for tomorrow. Do not wait for tomorrow. And again…. Do not wait for tomorrow as we are not promised another day.

Celebrate today….. it’s the best one you’ve got!




7 thoughts on “Celebrate today! It’s the best one you’ve got!

  1. Thank you for the wonderful comments. Denya was loved by many and her memory shall live on in the people that she affected most. Her funeral service has been slated for Thursday morning and my wife and I will make the 150 mile trip with broken hearts. Love to you all. 💖💖💖 Tom


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