How many days do we need at Walt Disney World?

When I started my “retirement career” as a travel agent with Up and Up Travel, I figured I was going to be able to use my personal Disney experiences to help people enjoy their Disney travel to the fullest. And while I feel I’ve done a pretty good job, I still wonder.

When I have a couple or family contact me for a quote, it is always stated they would like to travel the “cheapest way possible”…… but it has to be “magical” at the same time. I understand where they are coming from. A Disney vacation can be extremely expensive! It all depends on how you look at it.

I know this blog is titled wdw4adults but for this time, I’d like to address a family situation, if you don’t mind. I won’t use real names. I’ll call them Dick and Jane. If you are a little older you will get the joke. If not….. go ask your mother. *insert wink here* Stop to pet Spot as you walk by him!


So Dick sends me an email and says Jane has been talking about taking their family to Walt Disney World sometime this year and being from the north….. they do not want to travel during the hot and humid weather of summer. She spends a lot of time on the Disney boards and says it will be a great vacation. He doesn’t know a thing about Disney World other than the mouse thingy.

Their family consists of Dick, Jane and two kids, one boy age ten and one girl age six. Jane wants the her daughter to experience all the princess things. He also says……. “I don’t want to spend a fortune! How much is this going to cost me?”

Right away we have a problem. So I reply with following questions.

“What is your budget for this trip? What type of resort would you like? How many days do you wish to stay?”

Dick replies……. “the cheapest way possible….. I want my wife to be happy so it has to be a nice hotel…… we’d like to stay maybe three or four nights. I think we can do everything she wants to do in three days can’t we?”

So now we have a really big problem. We have to find a way to tell this guy that it is going to cost a lot more money than he can imagine.

I send Dick a “Request for Travel” document to fill out and send back. It includes a space for each member of the family, dates of birth, address, telephone number. It asks what resort, how many days, what type of tickets, etc. It’s all stuff I need to get going on some quotes.

He completes this and returns it to me after a day or so and I begin work.

When a family is traveling long distance, I recommend staying for a longer period than shorter. The price of airfare from the north to Orlando for a family of four is going to be about $1,200 or more. Are they going to want to do that once a year? Probably not.

If they lived in a state within easy driving distance, say ten hours or less, it would be just fine to stay a shorter period of time. Once you go over the four or five day park tickets, the extra days cost a minimal amount.

For this family, a four day park hopper ticket comes to $1,550.66 while a six day park hopper for the same family is $1.635.86. That’s a difference of only $85.20 for two more days. If you consider an eight hour sleep time for each person, the cost of Disney entertainment breaks down to $4.26 per hour, per person.

The first quote is always what I think will satisfy the whole family, especially the mother.

I suggest early December for them. December 1st to December 8th are the dates I’m going to suggest. If you look on the calendar for December, 2016 you will notice that these dates fall on a Thursday.

Tip……..  It is cheaper to fly on a Wednesday or Thursday than to fly on the weekend.

I want to show them options for both a moderate and a value resort. I think I know which one they will chose, but I want it to be their choice, not mine.

My first option is for Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside in a Royal Guest Garden View Room with six days of Park Hopper Tickets. The cost for this without any discounts comes to $3,747.90.

My second option for this family is the Art of Animation Resort in a Little Mermaid Standard Room with all the same ticket options for $2,879.44.

Both options also include Memory Maker. I know Mom’s going to want pictures of the whole family and they will get them with the Memory Maker Package!

Dick calls my cell phone within an hour of receiving the email with the quotes and the conversation goes a little like this.

“Hi Dick….. I bet you have questions for me about the quotes.”

“Yes Tom, I do….. is it really that expensive to go to Disney World? My god, that’s a lot of money!”

“Yes…. it is a lot of money Dick but when you see the smiles on your kids faces….. and your wife gets all giddy because she see’s her babies having so much fun, you are going to feel like a king!” Not to mention….. you might love it as much as the kids.”

“Is it really that much fun?” “Yes Dick…. it is. You will be entertained from before you go until you are home. It’s that much fun. And the memories you will make as a family are priceless!”

“I’ll talk it over with Jane and get back to you. I know I can’t get out of this so I’ll get back to you, thanks.” and with that the conversation is over…… short and sweet.

Dick emailed me the next day and booked their trip. So which package do you think Dick and Jane decided on?

I’ll tell you in a few minutes. Look at the clock until I’m ready.



Times up…….

Dick emailed me back and is booking the Art of Animation Resort, Little Mermaid Room as I expected for the dates I suggested. He is getting everything he asked for…. his wife wanted….  and the kids will love. I began work on his travel plan right after taking his deposit and securing his reservation. Am I done with him now that I’ve received his deposit and applied it to his Disney travel plan? Nope!

I will constantly monitor Disney for deals during his travel period to see if we can save him some more money. If so, I’ll take care of it and notify him after. I’m hoping Disney announces “free dining” during that part of December. If so, I’m going to make Dick even more happy. But that’s what a good travel agent does….. works behind the scenes to make their client even happier. We do it every day.

Dick and Jane had a few requests for some special character dining for the kids which I will reserve at the 180 day mark for them.

At the 60 day mark I will also take care of fulfilling all of the Fast Pass+ wishes that Jane has listed for me.

Do I mind doing this?

Heck No!

I take a little Disney trip in my mind every time I work for somebody else and that’s a good thing.

Do you want to send me on a little Disney trip?

Do you want me to work for you?

It’s simple. My card is pictured below. email me… me… text me…. private message me. I’d be glad to provide the same thoughtful principles to your travel wishes that I applied to Dick and Jane’s!

Up and Up Travel Business Card
Contact me today and let me help make your trip to all Disney destinations special!



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