Best Times for Walt Disney World

It’s happened….. you’ve finally decided it’s time for you and your sweetheart to make that trip to Walt Disney World without kids. Now what?

It’s time to figure out the how, the where, the how much, how long and a multitude of other questions to be answered so your investment in the happy trip yields great results.

Where should you start? If you haven’t been to Walt Disney World before….. or if you don’t want to spend the time researching and planning, it’s time to get ahold of your favorite travel agent!  You know….. the one that specializes in all Disney Travel….. the one with a lot of experience and willing to share it with their clients.

Do you know any? Of course you do….. just look at the person writing the blog, silly! I’d be glad to help you. I am a proud graduate of Disney’s College of Knowledge, trained and experienced in all Disney destinations!

I am extremely experienced in Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise!

Yes….. I’ve spent a lot of money doing both many times, but my wife and I love all things Disney and we love to travel.

The first question is….. when is it a good time to go to Walt Disney World?

My answer….. any time! *insert winking smiley here*

But really… there may be a better time period based on crowds….. weather…. cost……. You get the idea.

For best time of year with the smallest of crowds…… avoid any time the kids are out of school and the major holidays at all cost. Parents with school kids fill the park to capacity during times like Easter….. Christmas and Fourth of July. They are the worst times to be at Walt Disney World. The parks are more crowded, the prices are higher and you stand in line a lot longer.

Avoid any of the “Run Disney” events, unless you love to run and want to join right in. Me?   I’m not a runner…. I’m a walker so I try to avoid them. Disney has figured out that by bringing in all those runners, they can make lots of money! The resorts fill up fast…. the restaurants fill up fast….. and Disney achieves their goal.

My favorite time of year is in the spring time.

Ahhhh springtime……. Love is in the air….. flowers are in bloom…. the warm sun feels great after the long winter… and if you time it right, you will have a great vacation.

We have a love for the International Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot. There is so much to see and do. One of our favorite things to do is to enjoy the Gardens Rock Concerts at the American Gardens Theater in World Showcase. Below is a tentative schedule.

Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival: March 2-May 30
Garden Rocks Concert Series Weekends (Friday-Sunday) acts:

I’m excited…. we get to see Blood, Sweat and Tears the first weekend we are there, and we are anxiously awaiting the performer announcement for April 22nd to 24th. We were hoping it was going to be Christopher Cross, but I just found out he is touring Japan during that weekend.

So far we’ve enjoyed seeing the Village People (twice) The Outlaws, The Turtles, Survivor, and Herman’s Hermits amongst others. The shows last about twenty minutes and the music will bring back so many memories of days gone by!

This year, Easter Sunday is on March 27th……. avoid being there at all costs if you don’t like crowds… extreme crowds.

The Run Disney Events left for this year which will increase crowd levels are………

  • February 18 – 21, Princess Half Marathon
  • April 14 – 17, Star Wars Half Marathon
  • November 4 – 5, The Wine and Dine Half Marathon

I would also avoid July 4th week, the Thanksgiving Holiday and Christmas through New Years also. They have spectacular celebrations during those time periods with extended park hours but do you really want to stand toe to heel, shoulder to shoulder? Not me.

Where you want to spend your sleeping and relaxing time depends on how much you want to budget for the trip as well as what is your personal tastes. You can stay for as little as $140 per night to as much as $450 a night or more.

The time frame of your trip? you can stay for one night if you wanted but how about a reasonable time frame.

I would probably recommend five nights and six days in the parks. There is so much to see and do, I think that any shorter stay would be rushed.

Two people staying at a Moderate Resort for five nights can expect to pay just under $2,000 for your package which includes Park Hopper Tickets for six days. (priced during mid April) You can add the Disney Dining Plan, for about another $600 and have all your meals paid for in advance.

You can also stay in a Value Resort for about $500 less. The only thing you have to pay for extra is airfare. Disney will furnish all ground transportation, even back and forth to the airport via Magical Express.


Another great time to travel to Walt Disney World is in the first week of December. Low crowds, cooler weather, and Christmas decorations all around make this time of year a real treat. It’s a great Christmas present to each other. My wife and I celebrated pre-Christmas at Walt Disney World this last December. It was truly magical. Most of our days were spent in shorts and tee shirts. It was sunny, upper 70’s for the most part.


So….. I’ve given you some things to think about.

Is it in the cards for you and your special someone to visit Walt Disney World for that amazing getaway?

How about tacking on a Disney Cruise to the end of that five night stay? There are still good openings for a three night cruise for under $2,000 for a romantic cruise to the Bahamas.

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