The winter doldrums have set in!

Are you as tired of winter as I am?

As I sit here in western New York with the wind blowing and lake effect snow coming down I can’t help but feel sad….. lost and forsaken. As I get older, my love of winter has faded.


There was a time when I really enjoyed winter sports and being out in the snow, but I’ve outgrown that. I now crave sun…. sand….. surf…. umbrella drinks….. of Aulani, my Disney Cruises and our trips to Walt Disney World.

I have partially retired from the workplace but my wife still holds down a 9:00 to 5:00 job at her office. I work in my home office every morning while eating my Cheerios and drinking my coffee after I get my wife’s car warmed up and cleaned of snow and ice.  I need to be sure she is comfortable and safe during her commute across town.

She is a year or two from joining me and when she does, we plan to work at Walt Disney World as seasonal workers from November to May. I want to be the Mayor of Main Street at the Magic Kingdom and she wants to work someplace behind the scenes.

I spend my office time working on quotes for clients, working with the Disney Destinations crew making sure my clients are getting the best of everything when they book through me. Just making sure everything is OK.

I go over our next “travel plan” almost every day to see if I’ve missed something or if there’s something else we might like to do. And I check our countdown to make sure somebody hasn’t changed my number. *insert wink*

We only have one Disney countdown running as I type this, but we have several more trips in the planning stage right now. One to Aulani (2018), one back to Walt Disney World (2017) and one Disney Cruise (2016).

I hang out on Facebook, Twitter and some of the Disney fan boards looking for rumors and news. I even give my opinion every now and then. I just try to keep my name out there as a “Disney expert” so somebody who wants their vacation to be special, can find me and make contact.

Some of you know…. some of you don’t…. that I’m part of a Disney group on Facebook known as “We’re going to Disney World” along with a very experienced travel agent named Jen Gutierrez Grandmaison. Jen has been a travel agent longer than me and I learn a lot from this lady. She really cares about her clients too. If you are part of Facebook, please come over and join us. The more the merrier! 

We dole out information about Walt Disney World for free and ask others to contribute. We also allow other travel agents in the group but they are not allowed to solicit in any way. If they do, they are removed from the group. We even know when they sneak a private message to the member.

I have my travel page on Facebook….. find it here.  And another group……. find it here.

I enjoy writing in both of the, but I really feel free when I’m writing here on my blog. It’s just so easy expressing my feelings about my love for helping people, love Disney!

As the winter continues to torment us, I continue to have visions of our trip in April for the International Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot. I’m researching flights right now and I will probably change our departure flight from Buffalo, New York to an earlier one. We need to see Bo Bice with Blood, Sweat and Tears on the American Garden Stage for the Garden Rocks Concert and our arrival day is the last day they are performing.

We are meeting some dear friends and I hope to see even more friends there this year. I know one lady is considering travel from Louisiana at the same time.



One family from Tibby Island in Georgia has been known to make an appearance there every now and then. I’m hoping to get some hugs from their girls, especially Kadie even though she thinks I’m Goofy! We will see.

OK… time to shovel some of the snow we are getting….. and maybe take a long walk in the woods to enjoy our winter splendor. Let me know if I can help get you out of your own winter doldrums.

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