Walt Disney World Pre-Trip Report, 1 of 2

We are now down to seven days before our trip to see the Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights for the second……… and last time.

Walt Disney World announced the end of the Osborne Lights to make room for the new Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land, coming to Disney Hollywood Studios.

We didn’t plan on returning to Walt Disney World again this year but we need to se the lights one more time.

One week from today we will be checking into Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort next to Disney Springs and we will spend five nights in a studio villa in the Grandstand Section. We plan to do six days in the parks. Here’s a look at our first half of our planning schedule. I will post the second half in a couple of days.

Monday, December 14th.

We are flying into Orlando from Rochester on Southwest Airlines and we are scheduled to arrive at 4:15pm. This is the most relaxed flying schedule we’ve ever had. We are usually up and on an airplane by 7:30am for a 10:30am arrival but Southwest’s flight schedule has changed.

It was either this later flight or drive to Buffalo and fly out of there. And with Buffalo’s weather being a crap shoot at this time of year, we figured we were better off with a later flight than risking getting cancelled because of a snow storm.

By the time we check in with Magical Express and get to the resort I expect to arrive at SSR by 5:30. After the resort check-in we will head to the Magic Kingdom and hopefully make our fast pass deadline by 6:30. If not, it will not be too big of a disappointment as we have ridden this several times already.

I’ve tried to change the time of the fast pass but nothing later was available. If we see we can’t make it, we will cancel it in advance so somebody else can use it. The Magic Kingdom is open until 12:00 midnight so I’m sure we will enjoy being here.


We have always made it a point to eat at Pecos Bills on our first day of every trip but Disney has changed up the menu and I am not as fond of the menu so we will probably have something to eat while watching Sunny Eclipse.

sonny Eclipse1.jpg
Sonny Eclipse rocks the house as you relax with some delicious food.

When we return to our room, I’m sure we will enjoy an adult beverage or two. I hope the weather is warm enough to sit out on our balcony or patio to enjoy them.

Tuesday, December 15th

We have a very relaxed schedule on Tuesday. We do not have to be at Epcot until our 2:00pm lunch at the Garden Grill. But I’m sure we will be there way before that. We will do all our favorites starting with Spaceship Earth.

We are doing the Candlelight Processional Package with lunch and then reserved spot for the processional. The narrator for our 8:00pm show will be America Ferrera. She is an award winning actress who you may know as the star of Ugly Betty. But she is anything but ugly.


The park closes at 9:30 tonight after Illuminations. We’ve seen Illuminations many times so we probably won’t stay for it.

We might even head over to Disney Springs after the Processional is over before walking back to our room at SSR.

Wednesday, December 16th

On Wednesday we are headed back to a full day at the Magic Kingdom. Yes…. adults like the Magic Kingdom as much as kids. And I become the biggest ten year old when we enter Main Street USA and I see Cinderella’s Castle.

The Magic Kingdom has Extra Magic Hours tonight until 2:00am so I’m sure we will enjoy ourselves. We probably won’t stay from morning until closing, but we will probably return to our room at SSR for a mid day break.

wp-1449490934334.pngSome people do not like to waste a Fast Pass for the viewing of Wishes, the incredible firework show at the Magic Kingdom. But as you get older, you value your personal space. And we found out that we really enjoyed watching Wishes from the Fast Pass area because you don’t have to worry about having people standing six inches from you in every direction. In fact, you don’t have to worry about the guy in front of you hoisting his child onto his shoulders. So for us it is worth getting a fast pass for Wishes.

The park has a tendency to empty out after Wishes but tonight with Extra Magic Hours, more people will hang around.

One tip that I can give you is if you are there in the Fast Pass area and it’s a normal night, sit down some place and people watch. It gives the crowd a chance to exit the park and after a half hour or so, you can walk out and get a bus back to your resort with very few people in line in front of you.

I’ll be back a little later this week with part two… be sure to come back to read that.

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