My favorite thing to do at Walt Disney World

As a kid growing up in a family rich in values I was taught to enjoy the simple things in life.  We had everything we needed and some of the wants, but not much.

My dad worked two jobs and my mom was always there teaching myself and my two siblings the right and the wrong way to do things. To say I was blessed by her lessons would be an understatement. She always appreciated the simple things in life. I guess it’s where I got that from.

I’d rather stay home on weekends enjoying life than be out in the clubs. But that wasn’t always the case. Ever since the day my mom and dad took our family to the New York State Fair back in 1955 or 56, I have been a drummer.

We saw a musical show at what is now named Chevy Court.  Performing was an American music legend, Count Basie and his Orchestra,  featuring Louis Belson on the drums. On that day my mom said that it told her, “one day I’m going to play drums on that same stage!” I am happy to say, my dream was fulfilled in 1983 when I played that same exact stage during the State Fair with my mom and dad in the audience!

I have since retired from my performing days and rarely,  if ever go out. I prefer spending the weekend with my wife and yes….. the simple things in life. I still have my drums…. a set of Rogers built in 1973 and still enjoy playing on occasion but my drive to become the next Louis Belson is over.

So what does all this have to do with Disney? It translates into how we enjoy the parks…… simple and laid back. I have  been known to take a break at Magic Kingdom to sit on the side enjoying my Mickey Bar and watching people.  Yep…. I’m a  people watcher! I enjoy every minute of it. And….. at Walt Disney World,  you never know what you are going to see.

One day while my wife and I were at the Magic Kingdom, we happened upon a family enjoying ice cream in front of the ice cream shop on Main Street USA. One of the kids were really enjoying their ice cream cone in the heat of the day!

Messy Kid

It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen at Walt Disney World and I asked the mother of the child if she minded if I took a picture and she gave permission. As you can see from the photo, this Mom is a great mother! She knew he was going to get messed up, so she took precautionary measures before hand.

OK Disney Moms…… if this was your child……. would you do the same?  I hope so.

Contact me today and let me help make your trip to all Disney destinations special!
Contact me today and let me help make your trip to all Disney destinations special!

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