Walt Disney World has a resort for every budget.

When you travel, do you fly business class or coach? When you go out to dinner would you rather eat Filet Mignon and Lobster or maybe a good pizza? Do you drive a Mercedes or a Chevy?

My point is that there are different strokes for different folks!

And at Walt Disney World,  there are many choices for many different types of people. And just because you prefer something doesn’t mean you are any better or worse than somebody else.

Some people have stated that Pop Century or any of the All Stars resort is just fine for them. What the heck…… we are only using the room for sleeping and we stay in the parks late and arrive at them early in the morning.

Then there are some who prefer a moderate resort such as Port Orleans French Quarter or Caribbean Beach Resort that gives a little bigger, more comfortable room with slightly better amenities.

And you also have people that would only stay at the Grand Floridian or the Yacht Club just for the sheer luxury and extra amenities. I’ve handled every single one of them the same. I make my recommendations based on what they tell me up front that they really want. The only problems I have discovered is that the client expects to stay at the Grand Floridian on a Pop Century budget…… but that is a whole new blog post.

Whatever your tastes……. we’ve got you covered!

If you go to Disney’s website,  you can book any of those resorts I have mentioned and the  Disney Cast member will gladly take your credit card number for you.

But if you work with a Travel Agent, *cough….. cough*, like me, you are going to get the resort within a budget you can afford and all of the enjoyment without the hassle!

So…….. you ask…….  “How do you know what I will like? How can you make this trip more enjoyable?”  I can answer that with one word…….


Yep….. I have not only visited every Disney resort, seen every room, and talked with countless Cast members, but I also have extensive training by Disney Travel. Every year we are required to update our knowledge of every possible trip to all Disney Destinations. It’s mandatory!

You also ask……. “how does this work….. do I pay you extra just for your experience?”


You pay the exact same figure that you’d pay to Disney and I use my training, experience and knowledge of Walt Disney World to get you the best deal possible on the resort that you will love… at a price you can afford. I will give you a concierge style service that allows you to enjoy every aspect of your trip without the hassles of figuring it out your self!

I never charge any planning fees…… ever!

Then you say…… “if you don’t charge any fees, how do you make money? there has to be a catch!”

No catch at all……. Disney Pays me for taking care of all your travel needs!

So there you have it…… Why would anyone possibly book directly through Disney when you can get that kind of service through a reputable travel agent!

Do you want to go on a Disney Cruise?  I also have extensive experience there to. My wife and I enjoyed a five night cruise on the Disney Wonder last October. And it was some of the best training I’ve ever experienced!  I can keep you from making mistakes with not only my training,  but also my personal experience.

Are you looking for something a little more relaxing than even a cruise?  How about a stay at Disney’s fabulous resort on the western shores of Oahu called Aulani. It is the most relaxing,  most beautiful resort my wife and I have ever visited!  And it has the beautiful Hawaiian weather which is so comfortable year around.  Oh…… and Mai-tais! They’ve got the best Mai-tais at Aulani!

Contact me today and lets make your next Walt Disney World vacation the absolutely best ever!

Contact me today and let me help make your trip to all Disney destinations special!
Contact me today and let me help make your trip to all Disney destinations special!

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