I’m Suffering from the Dreaded Disney Burnout!

I see this and hear this all too often in my daily life as a travel agent specializing in Disney Travel.

When we are in the planning process, people try to cram in way to much during a short trip while at Walt Disney World. you just can’t see it and do it all in four days in the park! Either plan on seven to ten days in the parks or lower your expectations. There is nothing wrong with not doing everything.

When we first started going to Walt Disney World, we would get out of bed early…………. excited!

We’d rush to get on one of the first busses to the parks…………………….. excited!

Stayed until park closing! We were in total amazement mode!

We made sure we got our money’s worth during that trip………. and it was perfect until the third day.


 really tired2

After 20 to 28 hours in the parks on the first two days, we were whipped!

We suffered from the dreaded Disney burnout!

We were so tired that I didn’t want to get out of bed on the third day, but we had breakfast reservations at Animal Kingdom’s “Tusker House” that I had already left a credit card guarantee on so I had to get out of bed and get going…… or lose money!

And we still had two more grueling days to go! Dinners were booked….. parks were planned…… we had to see Wishes and Illuminations yet.

Well….. we survived but we also learned a valuable lesson. We had to change our game plan while at Walt Disney World or we wouldn’t be going.

After that trip, we decided we were not going to make any more dining reservations for every day we were there.. In fact, I said we were NEVER going to buy the Dining Plan again. All we were doing was vacationing around a dining schedule. Yes…….. the dining plan was ruining our relaxing vacation….. and it was too much food for us!

But I have also learned that some people go to Walt Disney World to enjoy many of the outstanding restaurants that are there. What is right for me….. may not be right for you.

What we have learned is to slow down and relax. Disney really helped matters by introducing the “My Disney Experience” app for smart phones. You can see which restaurants have availability and book it right from your smart phone. And it seems more table service restaurants have availability unless you are there during the Free Dining promotion.

One of the keys to finding same day dining reservations with the app is to plan on eating at off times. Most people eat dinner between 5:00 and 7:00 pm. Try getting reservations for a late lunch….. 3:00 pm or a late dinner time like 8:30 pm.

Signature restaurants, like LeCellier in Epcot,  still need to be booked way in advance on most days.

What we miss out on this trip, we can do next trip. We always seem to have trips planned for the next few years.

And before you ask how can we afford it? We are not financially rich! We plan and save for our trips.

Right now we are booked for a five night trip in early December, a seven night next April, and we are planning for another……. We want to be at Walt Disney World for the opening of the new Avatar Land at Animal Kingdom. We are very excited about this!

This is going to be amazing!
This is going to be amazing!


So here’s how we relax while at Walt Disney World. We are in no hurry to be anywhere….. at any time. We rarely make dining reservations. We have only made one for our December trip, our Candlelight Processional Dinner Package. And we make our fast passes for a little later in the day, starting at around 11:00 am.

I know if you make them for earlier in the day you can use your first three….. and then get another….. and another after that but we prefer to take our time and relax. Fast passes just don’t seem so important to us.

As you and I discuss your travel plan, I will make sure you have enough scheduled down time to make sure you get the Disney vacation of your dreams.

Contact me today and lets talk about planning the perfect Walt Disney World trip….. you won’t regret it!

Contact me today and let me help make your trip to all Disney destinations special!
Contact me today and let me help make your trip to all Disney destinations special!

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