The time line of booking a trip.

Last week Disney announced that this year would be the last year to see the Osborne Spectacle of Lights and it started a panic in our house. Earlier this year we discussed a pre Christmas trip so we could see this beautiful site, but decided to wait another year. We already have a November trip to New Mexico booked to see family and celebrate the second birthday of grandson Cason.

When the news came out, it was now or never. So it was time for the planner in the family to get busy! My mission was clear……. get us to Walt Disney World this December to see the Osborne Spectacle of Lights!

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We are DVC Members, owning two small contracts with our points allocated to a spring trip for the Flower and Garden Festival at our favorite resort, Boardwalk Villas.

We only had 16 points left in our Saratoga Springs membership for 2015. But we did have 55 points coming for 2016 that could be borrowed. We also have 100 points in our Boardwalk contract for 2016 which could be borrowed but that would mean we would be behind the eight ball for spring of 2017.

I also looked at booking a moderate resort for cash but, where we wanted to stay wasn’t available for the dates we could travel.

Then the Disney gods smiled. While looking at the DVC website, I finally found what I was looking for. Saratoga Springs had a studio available for five consecutive nights and the point total needed for this stay was exactly what we had available if we borrowed the 2016 points from our little SSR contract. 71 points needed……. 71 points available!

But we still had a problem and had to wait. It was Friday night and we couldn’t commit until we requested vacation for my wife. With an email sent to her practice manager at work we had to wait. The email we were looking for came the next afternoon. Vacation approved!

So on Saturday afternoon we tried to log into the DVC website. Error message…… site not available. I tried all afternoon, even while trying to watch my Syracuse Orange football team play Wake Forest, to no avail. Then at 10:00 PM, jackpot! I was in….. the reservation was still available and I booked it.

I jumped over to Southwest and checked the flights……. price was still good….. booked them. I went to bed happy, happy, happy!

Sunday morning as my wife and I were having breakfast before going to church, she asked me a question. “Do you think we can still get a dinner reservation for the Candlelight Processional package?” I went on line and yes…… yes we can! We booked a late lunch package at the Garden Grill.

Later in the day I logged into the site for the Garden Grocer and placed our order. Now we wait until our 60 day mark on our countdown to book our fast passes.

Contact me today and let me help make your trip to all Disney destinations special!
Contact me today and let me help make your trip to all Disney destinations special!

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