Romance is alive at Walt Disney World!


Everyone seems to think that a Walt Disney World vacation is really for kids…… nonsense!

I think that Walt Disney World can be a very romantic vacation spot for couples. I’ll try to  prove my point with a couple of examples.

Several years ago my wife and I found out about Port Orleans French Quarter.  It was during the trip we won by eating a salad from McDonald’s. We stayed at the Polynesian during that trip  and on our last day, after we checked out, we decided to visit three different resorts to see which one we would like to stay at during our next trip.

We hopped the monorail to the Magic Kingdom and then walked to a bus stop and decided to visit Animal Kingdom Lodge first. As we walked into the lobby we didn’t feel the warm fuzzy feeling that we thought we’d feel. We left disappointed. We boarded the bus for the Animal Kingdom Park.

Upon arrival, we saw a bus waiting for Pop Century and jumped on. We liked the look of the resort as we pulled up.  It was touted as a good bargain, being a value resort. And what the heck, if you are only going to use it to sleep there, why pay more?  While walking through the resort we came upon a  mouse keeper cleaning a room for new occupants. She kindly let us see the inside of the room. It was nice, but after staying in a  deluxe resort, we expected more.

We left on a bus headed to Epcot and transferred to a bus for Port Orleans French Quarter.  As the bus pulled up we instantly feel in love with the look….. the sounds….. and the smells of the resort.

Port Orleans French Quarter

It felt so cozy….. so warm and relaxing. We both knew, almost instantly, it was where we wanted to stay next. As we walked down the street with the Dixieland jazz music playing in the background we smiled the biggest smiles!

We also found another mouse keeper willing to show us the inside of a room and we fell in love with it. It was absolutely perfect for a couple to stay in.

WDW April 2007 184

We visited the food court for lunch and the selection was great and the food was so good. Then we saw poster advertising live jazz played by some guy named Elliott Dyson we knew it was our next vacation resort. WDW April 2007 183

I am sad to say that Elliot Dyson no longer performs at Scat Cats. He has become a very dear friend that we haven’t seen in several years.

We left excited as well headed to the Poly for our Magical Express pickup. I can honestly say, it was the only time I haven’t felt sad leaving Walt Disney World because I knew we were returning to stay at POFQ.

It was during that next stay that we found out how romantic and Disney World vacation could be. We would be staying there for our fifth wedding anniversary in April, 2007 and I wanted it to be perfect!

Patti enjoyed this room almost as much as  I did!
Patti enjoyed our room at POFQ almost as much as I did!

I had done my research and we would be celebrating an anniversary so I surprised my bride with a late evening  carriage ride after walking to POR for dinner at Boat Wright’s .

boatwright dining-hall
Boatwrights Dining Hall offers a warm and wonderful place to dine in. The theming is just great and the food is delicious!

I had read online about the carriage rides and had reserved the last ride of the evening without my wife knowing about it. She didn’t even notice the small backpack I was carry.

After dinner in told her I had a surprise for her and led her out from meet our driver.  She had tears in her eyes as we climbed up into the carriage.  And she literally bawled when I took out her favorite bottle of wine and two wine glasses from the backpack.  Instant romance!

carriage rides
I’m sorry I do not have a photo of my wife and I…. I had to use this stock photo. Remove the kid….. insert wine glasses and you have the idea.

The expressions on the face of every vacationer we passed by that evening proved I had hit a home run……. and my bride later confirmed it!

We loved staying at POFQ that time and have stayed there many times since.

Example number 2………

Last September we had the pleasure of doing a land and sea adventure for my brides special birthday. We started at Saratoga Springs Resort for three nights before leaving on a five night Disney Cruise. We returned for six nights at our home resort, the Boardwalk Villas.

Patti was blessed with many birthday celebrations during that trip as many of our Disney friends  came to celebrate with us. We had a party at the Flying Fish Café as well as parties in the rooms of friends. I’ve never seen so many birthday cakes as she had.

But the one dinner, on her birthday, that stands out in my memory was our dinner at the Yachtsman Steakhouse, just my wife and I. The service was impeccable and the food was exceptional!


We ordered the 32 ounce porterhouse steak for two with all the trimings! It was perfectly prepared and was melt in your mouth tender.




After dinner we walked back to the boardwalk hand in hand and experienced the madness at the dueling piano bar called Jellyrolls!

Dueling pianos...... great music, sing alongs and adult beverages! You are sure to enjoy your night time entertainment at Jelly Rolls!
Dueling pianos…… great music, sing alongs and adult beverages! You are sure to enjoy your night time entertainment at Jelly Rolls! But get there before Illuminations ends at Epcot. This place fills up fast!

We’ve got several other examples of romance at Walt Disney World. I haven’t even mentioned how many people get engaged in front of the castle….. or even how many people have Disney weddings.

Romance at Walt Disney World
Patti and I enjoy a glass of wine to celebrate our anniversary back in 2007.

If you’d like to explore the romantic side of Walt Disney World, contact me today and we can get started on the planning.

Contact me today and let me help make your trip to all Disney destinations special!
Contact me today and let me help make your trip to all Disney destinations special! There is no charge for my services.

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