A love affair I’ve had since March of 2001.

OK…. I’ve admitted to having a love affair.

I am a sad, pathetic, love craving, weak man and I can be tempted and fall into the trap just like any guy.

My wife knows about it and she evens supports it at times.

She even joins in with me when she has bouts of weakness.

What is my love affair? It’s my love for Disney’s Premium Mickey Bar.


It all started when we first visited the Magic Kingdom back in March of 2001. We had been in the park since “rope drop” and we had been wondering around in amazement with all the sights, sounds and smells of the Magic Kingdom and my tummy growled.

Seeing I come from an ice cream eating family, I knew I wanted a snack of some sort of ice cream. The first thing I found was a cart with a little sign showing an ice cream bar shaped like my Pal Mickey and I knew I had to have one! I fell head over heals in love with it and I have been craving them ever since.

I try to show some restraint as I try to limit myself to just one per day, but sometimes I am weak. I mean….. what the heck…… I’m on vacation and we are walking eight to ten miles a day, right?

I love it when my wife joins in and has her own.



Sometimes she even lets me take a bite out of hers!


But it’s always my favorite thing to introduce a Mickey Bar to somebody for the very first time.

Bailey's first Mickey Bar

Our granddaughter Bailey enjoyed her first Mickey Bar when her mom and dad brought her to Walt Disney World to meet up with us in January, 2011.

I am part of a Facebook group along with another travel agent from Up and Up Travel called “We’re Going To Disney World” where we sometimes share photos during Mickey Bar Mondays. You can join by request and enjoy the group. We share great information as well offer a place where you won’t be spammed with adds for sunglasses or other stuff. We keep it fun, inviting and informative for all of our Disney friends to enjoy.

And…… you can post your Mickey Bar photo’s any time you’d like.

So now I’ve done it…… I’ve made myself crave another Mickey Bar………. and the worst part is…… I don’t have another trip booked until April.

WDW April 2007 179


Yeah Pal…….. I know!  I am shocked too!

If you want to experience a Mickey Bar for yourself, then contact me today and I will do everything in my power to help you get one!

Up and Up Travel Business Card


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