The Best Time of Year For Adults to Visit Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney World is for adults!
Walt Disney World is for adults!

When you plan a family trip to Walt Disney World, it can be pretty easy to plan. You need to plan around the kids school schedule. That means bigger crowds, hotter temps with high humidity and a more expensive trip.

But when you plan for just the two of you, you only have to plan around vacation time. And if you are lucky like us, you are not limited to a certain month or time of year.

I am semi retired….. working as a Disney Travel Agent with and my wife works for a Surgical Practice for the last thirty years. She has an abundance of vacation time and can pretty much go at any time of year during most years.

Our first thought is….. what time of year do we want to go? My wife and I love to be at Walt Disney World in the spring time. Our western New York weather can be brutal during the winter so by counting down the days until our trip while I shovel snow can get me through it.

With that said, there is no better time to be there than during the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot. Now I have to admit….. we do not attend the festival events except the free concerts at the American Garden Theater that used to be called the Flower Power Concert Series. It’s now called the Garden Rocks Concert Series.

We’ve enjoyed some of the best rock groups from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s during the past fifteen years but our all time favorites are Flo and Eddy with the Turtles! We have seen their Happy Together Tour show many times and we won’t miss a chance to them ever.

Several adult friends prefer the International Food and Wine Festival in the fall and it’s our second favorite time to be there. We’ve been known to indulge in an adult beverage or two while at Walt Disney World. (I had a big grin on my face as I wrote that)

But some people have taken it too far. I don’t honestly know how anyone can pay for the amount of alcohol it takes to get plastered at Epcot, but some people apparently have more money then brains. It happens every time we are at F&W.

A couple of years ago, while my wife and I were enjoying listening to the British Revolution Show at Epcot in the UK, there was this guy banging on a trash can lid along with the music pretending to be a drummer.

It was really annoying, especially for me…….. I’ve been a drummer for over 55 years of my life and this guy was pathetic. Then he went on to tell me that he was a drummer. I was polite, but if he was indeed a drummer, he wasn’t a very good drummer. But he was intoxicated. More money than brains!

The next thing to figure out is……. where do you want to stay? Do you really want to stay in a value resort? Would you like to stay in a Moderate resort or a Deluxe Resort? Once you’ve figured out that one, the rest seems to fall in to place.

We really love staying in Deluxe Resorts near Epcot. Our favorite resort at Walt Disney World is the Boardwalk Villas and Boardwalk Inn. But you can also select The Beach and Yacht Club. Every one of these resorts offers the convenience of being close to two different parks, Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

You can easily walk to either park from the resorts mentioned. Epcot takes about ten minutes and DHS is about fifteen minutes. Or, if you prefer, you can hop on a Friendship Boat to go to either park.

And you have the convenience of being able to eat at all the Epcot, DHS and resort Table Service and Counter Service restaurants whenever you’d like. And the Boardwalk has one of our favorite places to eat, The ESPN Club right there! We like simple food and we really do not like to base our park schedules around dining reservations so we rarely eat meals at Table Service restaurants. In fact we only book ADR’s for one or maybe two meals during a seven night trip.

OK…. so you’ve figured out when to go and where to stay…. he next thing you need to think about is getting there. Are you flying like we do? If so, you need to think about which airline to use and which day is better to fly on.

We love Southwest Airlines for our travel needs and we use their credit card through Chase Bank which gives us free flights every now and then. We’ve used the card for four years now and we’ve flown to Orlando twice and Albuquerque, New Mexico once with free seats.

You can usually fly on Wednesdays to save money but Sunday is also good. If you are only planning a four night, five day trip from Sunday to Thursday, you can also save some money.

Here’s an example of a four night stay at Disney’s Beach Club Resort during the Food and Wine Festival. Travel on Sunday, October 18th and stay until Thursday, October 22nd, with Five Day Park Hopper Tickets for two people can be booked right now for only $2,992.64 and I’ll help plan the trip for no extra charge. Airfare from Rochester, New York to Orlando on Southwest is around $500 including one checked bag each.

Or you can stay at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, a great Moderate Resort for the same dates…… same everything, except you will need to ride a bus to all the parks for only $1,872.08. And this quote is for a Preferred room.

Click on the link below for a look at a Disney Brochure I had created especially for this offer.

After reading everything, if you’d like to reserve either of these vacation packages that I’ve quoted, email me right away….. These won’t last long. Or if you prefer different dates and/or accommodations, contact me. I will help you plan and reserve, and I promise to NEVER charge you any extra! Disney pays me. That’s why I smile so much!


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