Being at Walt Disney World Creates Smiles

Being at Walt Disney World makes Patti smile! OK……. who is Patti and why should I care if she smiles you ask?

Patti is my wife….. aka: @FlwrPwrLady on Twitter. And you know the old saying…… “if Momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy”. It is a true statement….. I can vouch for it.

You see…… Patti has an extremely stressful job while in the real world. She works for a General Surgeons office taking care of the billing and collections. She brings in the money for the practice! She does medical billing for seven providers when most medical offices utilizes one biller for every two to three Doctors.

But the worst part of her job is taking telephone calls from patients that have not been paying their share (deductibles, co-pays and/or co-insurance) of their medical bills. She often gets yelled at over the phone and she is totally frustrated at the end of the work day.

With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, more people have purchased the least expensive health insurance plan offered without regard to having an extremely high deductible and they think they don’t owe the doctor a penny even after the doctor has saved their life.

Every evening after she gets home from work we lace on our sneakers and walk around our neighborhood. Or if the weather is bad, we walk at the mall and she vents the whole time as we cover two to three miles in a little over 30 minutes.

Patti all stressed out.
Patti all stressed out.

Patti does not help plan our Walt Disney World trips. She tells me to do it and let her know when we are going and how long we will be on vacation so she can take her vacation time. The only thing else she tells me are the dates that she cannot take off because of updates and training.

Once the vacation has been planned and approved, she pays absolutely no attention to it until the weekend before when she will pack her suitcase. She trusts me to completely take care of all the details of the trip and she should. I help plan many trips for my travel clients and I know the ins and outs of everything that is Disney Travel.

The morning of our trip she is still tense and nervous about all the details that she did not have any say in, but once Patti sits down in her seat on that plane, she starts to relax. Upon arrival at Orlando she is even showing a little smile on her face from time to time, as we board the Magical Express Bus.

The ride to the Disney resort we chose usually takes about a half hour to forty five minutes and time flies as we watch the Disney video and check out the scenery along the way. This time and most times we are staying at the Boardwalk Villas, our favorite Disney resort that’s not Aulani.

DVC 103

Once we check in, find our room and call bell service to ask them to bring our Garden Grocer order, we get everything put away and head to the Magic Kingdom.


Her smile is more frequent now as we walk through the bag check line and scan our magic bands. We walk hand in hand into the Town Square and around the corner for our first look at Cinderella’s Castle and it’s like a switch has been thrown.


There is my sweetheart grinning from ear to ear! She is totally relaxed….. totally ready to enjoy the next week without stress. The only thing to worry about is what to eat and what to see!

Patti2 Smiling    WDW April 2007 038    Patti Smilng

Doesn’t Patti have a pretty smile!

We love the walk up Main Street, USA on that first day. It brings back so many great memories of all the wonderful friends we’ve met and the great times we’ve had.

The background music enhances our mood as we see all the smiling faces on Main Street.

What could be better?

Seeing the Dapper Dan’s or the Main Street Philharmonic Orchestra performing in front of the Emporium, makes it even better!

Dapper Dans1

Or seeing Mickey and Minnie will do!


Do you smile at Disney World? I bet you do………. if you are an adult……. without kids………… I bet you do!  There is nothing to worry about there!


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