A Walt Disney World vacation is Excercise

Disney Trip, April 2006 305

Yesterday morning, on the golf course, I was approached by a potential client inquiring about taking his family to Walt Disney World for the first time this fall. He didn’t have a clue about where to stay, what to do, how much it would cost, let alone how long to stay. This is more common than you might think.

So he was quite surprised when I started asking him questions. The conversation went like this.

Bill: “My wife and I want to take our kids and grandkids to Walt Disney World and I have heard you are an expert at it? About how much does it cost?”

Me: “It depends on a lot of variables…. how many people?”

Bill: “There will be twelve total….. six adults and six kids.”

Me: “How old are the kids?”

Bill: “They range in age of twelve to seven.”

Me: “Do you have any idea of what your budget is for the trip?”

Bill: “Not really….. I think I want them to have a real good time….. is $4,000 to $6,000 a realistic figure? I mean if not….. I can afford more to make sure they have a great time. It’s something my wife and I really want to do”

Me: “It will be more than that…. but I’ll check out different options for you. Do you have any dates in mind?”

Bill: “We’d like to go around mid to late October for at least five days may seven.”

Me: ” Let’s see what we can find after we get done playing this round that makes sense for you. I’ll call you tonight with some ideas. ”

Now a little more about Bill…. He’s a man in his late 60’s and just retired and sold his business. He has more than enough money to do what he wants to do. He drives a new BMW. Although he was able to still play and enjoy golf, I noticed he parked his golf cart real close to the greens and tee boxes. He didn’t walk very far for anything. He is overweight and not very energetic.

So I really got to thinking about how a Walt Disney World vacation affects me…. and what effect it might have on him.

I mean…. it’s just a vacation……… right?

Well…… yes and no.

If you are a little older like me (mid sixties), you have to be sure to pay more attention to things like exercise, nutrition, drinking plenty of water, proper rest, and yes……. taking your meds and supplements.

Life has its rewards after you retire but it also has a way of telling you that you have a lot of miles on your body. Every morning I think I feel a new little nagging pain that wasn’t there yesterday!

And whether you like it or not……. going to Walt Disney World and walking through the parks is going to be brutal on your adult body unless you are prepared for it. Get up… get out of your chair… and start walking!

You are going to be walking at least five miles a day while at Walt Disney World……… and on most trips, we walk an average of over eight miles per day.

One trip I wore a pedometer for the duration of our time there. We were there for 8 days/ 7 nights and we walked a total of 72 miles. One day we walked over ten miles before watching Wishes at the Magic Kingdom.

Our favorite walk while at Walt Disney World is from Disney’s Hollywood Studio to Epcot with a short stop at the Boardwalk for a frozen Margarita from Boardwalk Joes Marvelous Margaritas! We love sitting in the Florida sun and sipping ice cold frozen margaritas while people watching.Misc. 095

Sometimes we’ve been known to walk completely through Epcot to board the Monorail to the Ticket and Transportation Center. We then will walk from the TTC to the Polynesian Village and catch the little boat to the Magic Kingdom.

Sometimes it’s not the destination that matters as much as how you get there and how much fun you have along the way.

I am blessed to be married to a lady who is a little younger than I and she also takes care of herself. She eats right, gets plenty of sleep, drinks a lot of water and gets her exercise! And she stresses how important it is for both of us. Together, we exercise every evening after work. If it wasn’t for her, I’d probably be a physical mess for sure.

Every evening, come rain or shine, after Patti gets home from work we share an apple cut up into pieces, put on our sneakers, and walk for two to three miles. And we do it usually at a pace of under fifteen minutes per mile. It doesn’t sound like a fast pace but when you do it, it feels just right.

On rainy days, we go to our local Shopping Mall and walk two laps dodging in and out of the people wearing their sagging pants and showing their underwear. According to my pedometer we do just over three miles.

On sunny days we walk in our neighborhood where we know it’s exactly two miles from our driveway to a cul-de-sac at the end of our street and back. We cover this distance in less than thirty minutes on most days. And yes, we even walk all winter long.

For Bill….. I quoted a few extras for his trip. He was surprised when I said he should get a scooter for the duration that he and his wife could take turns on. But after telling him about how much we walk, he was more than willing.

He hasn’t given me the go ahead yet to book the trip but I’m pretty sure they are going. I just gave him quotes on three different resort packages to mull over.

Did you realize how much walking you will do while at Walt Disney World? Are you in good enough shape to vacation there? If not….. you better get going.


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