My favorite day at Walt Disney World is……..

Check in day!

When Patti and I travel to Walt Disney World it’s like coming home for us. From the time our airplane lands at MCO we are in very familiar surroundings.

We also know we are about to spend time with some of our best Disney World friends. There is always a “meet up” happening while we are there. Sometimes it is every day we are there.

I love the tram ride to the main airport and not going to the baggage claim dragging huge suitcases loaded to limits is such a relief. Magical Express will deliver our overloaded bags to our villa a few hours after we arrive and that’s OK…. we have what we need packed in our little carryon bags.

We ALWAYS enjoy our Magical Express Bus service and use our time on the bus to view our text messages, tweets and Facebook posts as we ride in leisure. We’ve never had a bad experience with Magical Express and sometimes I wonder why people would rent a car instead of riding in comfort.

It’s always magical when we pull up in front of our resort….. especially when it is the Boardwalk Villas. We were there last April and enjoyed it so much we are booked back into the Boardwalk Villas for April, 2016.

DVC 103

We always do “on line check in” well before we leave home and the CM’s at the Boardwalk cheerfully greet us as we get off the bus. Usually our villa is ready and waiting for us and we go to check it out right away. I also call bell service and have our Garden Grocer order delivered to our room and put it all away before heading to the Magic Kingdom.

Sometimes we walk through Epcot and ride the Monorail to the “Ticket and Transportation Center”. If it’s a really nice warm and sunny day we walk from there to the Polynesian Village and take the boat to the Magic Kingdom enjoying every site and sound along the way. It’s not the fastest way to get to the Magic Kingdom but it is the most relaxing.

I love walking through the Train Station Tunnel into the Town Square and seeing all the smiles on people’s faces. There is usually several lines of people waiting to visit with the different characters gathers around the area with the flagpole.

As we turn the corner onto Main Street USA, I am filled with all kinds of emotion and Patti has to slow me down as I see Cinderella’s Castle for the first time all over again. I’m the biggest ten year old at Walt Disney World.

It is now time for my first Mickey Bar of our trip!

I don’t really care what we do…. where we go….. or anything else…. we are where we love to be celebrating everything Walt Disney and his company shared with the world.

Sometimes we have our Fastpass booked for today but usually we fly by the seat of our pants. After all we are on vacation and we are NOT going to rush through the parks trying to get on every attraction in the next four hours.

When we are hungry we usually go to Pecos Bills for a burger. I like the cheeseburgers here and Patti always gets the veggie burger…. and we assault the toppings bar and load up on mushrooms, onions, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles.

I am a huge fan of Mickey’s Philharmagic so we try to visit it on our first day, WE also try to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, although it’s newness is starting to rub off. I will say, I will only wait about about ten minutes in the walk-on line for this attraction. The complete ride takes less than a minute once you get rolling. I find it hard to believe people will wait in the standby line for an hour for it.

We love the new “Festival of Fantasy Parade” and try to pick a spot along the route a little before the 3:00 PM start time. There are several good places but I love seeing it from in front of the Castle, even though it gets pretty crowded.

We are seldom in the front row for the parade but if we are, we always invite the kids behind us to get in front of us for a better view for them. Sometimes some of the other guests try to squeeze in front of us but we make it known that is not allowed. You have to stand your ground folks.

We learned something from our last trip that some people with totally disagree with. We will ALWAYs try to get Fast Passes for Wishes or we won’t stay for it at all. Some people say it is a waste of a fast pass but for us, it’s the only way to experience it.

The fast pass area gives you a great view without having people stand within two inches of my personal space and to me, that is priceless! There are two Fast Pass Area’s but we prefer the one to the right of Main Street as you look towards the Castle.

And here’s another little tidbit…. you can see the Main Street Electrical Parade very well from the fast pass area.

After the parade and Wishes is over we sit and relax as the hoards of people make their way out of the park. Once the crowd has died down, we head to Tomorrowland and take in an attraction or two before we decide it is time to head back to our resort. The lines for our bus are shorter than they were about an hour ago and it’s usually a good ride back.

Once we get back, we see that our luggage has been delivered by Magical Express. We take care of that and then we are ready to enjoy an adult beverage or two on our balcony as we unwind from the excitement of our first day. We know we will sleep well and be ready for day two. No alarm clock will be set tonight. The sunlight will wake us

So now you know what my favorite day is at Walt Disney World. Do you agree with me?

What’s your favorite day at Walt Disney World?

Please leave a comment below and let’s talk about it. I can always learn from you.


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