Our favorite Walt Disney World Resorts.

There are a lot of great hotels on Disney Property but some are better suited for families while some are better suited for adults. Seeing this blog is all about adults I thought I’d share my thoughts on the best resort. I’ll break it down into categories that will make it easier to compare.

We love staying at Deluxe Resorts for three reasons……. location, location, location. Yes….. it cost more money to stay in a deluxe resort but it really has its advantages for couples wanting to really enjoy their time at Walt Disney World.

Our favorite is the Boardwalk Resort and Boardwalk Inn. We absolutely love being within walking distance of two parks. The walk to Epcot is about ten minutes and the walk to Hollywood Studios is about fifteen. Of course you can always catch the friendship boats to either but we found it’s just as quick, if not quicker to walk. Plus, we burn more calories so we can have that Mickey Bar without feeling guilty.

We also love just hanging out on the boardwalk itself. One of my favorite things to do is sitting in the warm Florida sun while enjoying a frozen margarita from Boardwalk Joes Margarita Stand. Maybe it’s because we live in Western New York State and don’t see the sun that much…. or maybe it’s because I just enjoy a good margarita! You decided.

There are many good places to eat on the Boardwalk too…… from the Flying Fish Cafe to the ESPN Club, you have your choice of what type of food you desire. My favorite is the ESPN Club of course. I really enjoy the Buffalo Style Wings and the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich washed down with a cold glass of beer.

Every evening the boardwalk comes alive with great entertainment . There are jugglers, and magicians that make sure you are having a great time. As the night gets a little later, our favorite experience on the boardwalk is a place called Jelly Rolls.

No….. you can’t buy a jelly roll or donut there…. that’s what the Boardwalk Bakery is for. Jelly Rolls is an “adult” only dueling piano bar that gets more entertaining by the hour. Some of the entertainment comes from the quests themselves. The later the hour….. the more entertaining they become. There is a cover charge and if you have any Disney trip experience under your belt, you know it isn’t very cheap….. $17.00 per person cover charge but you are paying for a show…. and a show you will get.

There are several piano players there and they switch off about every hour or so and they keep the show going all night long. Do you have a favorite song you’d like to hear? Write the title on a napkin. add a dollar or two, fold it and deliver it right to the entertainers themselves. Just don’t trip and fall on your face as you try to climb on the stage to put it on a piano. (inside joke) They will play most anything from oldies to current top tunes and do it in such a way as to bring many smiles on the faces of those with too much to drink.

Our favorite Moderate resort is Port Orleans French Quarter. From the time you walk through the big doors at the resort entrance you are surrounded with the sound of Dixieland Jazz playing softly in the background. The sites….. the sounds… the smells…… all say relax to your brain.

As you walk around the resort you see beautiful little gardens everywhere. And all of them have this little wrought iron fencing around the outside. And you never have to walk very far here. It is a small and quaint resort. It’s always a short walk to the bus stop or the food court. And the pool is one of the nicest on property with a giant serpent slide.

Near the food court is a nice little bar called Scat Cats Club where adult beverages can be had for some of your dollars. The bar tenders have always been great and have good knowledge of almost any drink you request from them. We tried to stump them one night and couldn’t.

It’s been a while since we’ve spent any time there but I think I’m going to have to book us there soon. Maybe during the Food and Wine Festival would be a good time to be there.

The one romantic thing you can do here….. and I say that loosely is you can arrange a carriage ride for you and your honey around the resort one evening after dinner. I say that… but you have to reserve it in advance and you have to go to Port Orleans Riverside and meet your horse and carriage driver in front of Boatwrights Dining Hall. I surprised my wife one evening after eating dinner at Boatwrights and had arranged a carriage ride for us. I even snuck a bottle of wine and two glasses with me and guys…… I was a hit with all the ladies that saw us riding romantically around the resort sipping wine.

The best Value Resort to stay at as an adult is……. I hate to say this, but I don’t think there is such a thing as a best Value Resort for adults. Pop Century, Art of Animation, and the three Allstars Resorts are designed as a cheaper option for families with little amenities worth an adult stay.

But…… I guess if I had to pick just one it would be Pop Century. Why??? I have heard that they have the best food court of any of the Moderate Resorts.

So what do you think? Do you agree with me or do you have your own ideas. Leave me a comment below and let’s see what you think.


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